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5 AI Tools to Create an Animated Logo


Key Takeaways:

  • The most robust solution is a combination of After Effect and some third-party plugins.
  • You may also use some online solutions like the Logo reveal service by InVideo.

Tool 1: Appy Pie Logo Maker

Appy Pie AI Animated Logo Maker simplifies logo creation with its user-friendly interface and AI-powered assistance. It’s ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to add animation to their graphical identity. Start with a 7-day free trial and pay just $7.00 per month. You’ll receive a reminder one day before your trial ends.

Create an Animated Logo using prompts with Appy Pie Design following the steps below:

  1. Open the Appy Pie Design website on your PC, then locate the AI Animated Logo Maker tool.
    AI tools - Appypie Design page for making animated logo
  2. Then, input your text prompt as detailed, clear, and concise as possible with all necessary specifications in straightforward language.
    AI tools - Search the AI Logo Maker on Appypie Design to create animated logo
  3. The AI will then generate several templates customized to your details.
  4. If you prefer already-made logos, Appy Pie Design also has several AI-generated templates designed to suit various professional fields and styles.
    appypie readt-made templates
  5. Select your best fit and customize it further if you like.
  6. After clicking the Generate button or selecting your template, Appy Pie Design will direct you to the login page.
  7. Sign up for an account if you are a new user, or log in if you are an existing user.
    AI tools - Sign in to Appypie Design for making animated logo
  8. Once the system generates your design, personalize it to your taste with Appy Pie Design’s fonts, colors, and layouts.
    AI tools - Appypie Design animated logo in the making
  9. Feel free to include images or other design elements to make your logo unique.
  10. Once complete, preview your design to confirm it looks excellent, and review the text, layout, and overall composition.
  11. Adjust where necessary to provide a visually attractive outcome.
  12. Finally, download and share the design in JPEG and PNG format.

Tool 2: Actable AI – Logo Animation

Although the Actable AI software platform focuses on data analysis and visualization, LottieFiles and the Actable AI Logo Animation tools combine to make a high-quality animated logo that’s easy to integrate and customize. However, LottieFiles does not generate animations from scratch.

Pre-made animations may have limited customization options.

  1. Open the Actable AI – Logo Animation website on your computer.
    AI tools - Actable AI - Logo Animation website for creating animated logo
  2. When it opens, search for your desired animated logo using the search box.
    AI tools - Search for the desired image on Actable AI - Logo Animation website to create animated logo
  3. Then, select your preferred animation from the list of results returned.
    AI tools - Select your desired animated logo result returned by Actable AI - Logo Animation website
  4. Afterwards, click the Download button.
    Click the download button
  5. Select your preferred file format.
    Select file format
  6. Finally, click Export and wait for your computer to download the file.
    Export to download file

Tool 3: After Effect with Third-Party Plugins

After Effects is a powerful software for motion graphics and visual effects. Though it lacks built-in AI functionalities for logo creation, third-party plugins can help, forming capable tools to build animated logos. These plugins offer control, customization, and AI features to enhance the workflow.

With numerous learning resources available, After Effects is an industry-standard software.

  1. To produce an animation of your logo, start by creating a clear concept in Adobe Illustrator and designing a storyboard.
  2. Then, you can import your logo into After Effects and use keyframes to mark position, size, and rotation changes.
  3. Enhance your animation with third-party plugins like Element 3D, Duik Bassel, or Red Giant Trapcode Suite.
  4. Finally, preview and adjust your animation regularly and choose the appropriate export settings.

Tool 4: Rednerforest

Rednerforest is a top choice among AI tools for creating an animated logo. It offers AI-powered design assistance and customization options within templates. Its interface permits drag-and-drop and real-time changes and also has a vast collection of royalty-free music and sound effects with multiple export formats.

  1. Open the Rednerforest website on your computer and search for a suitable template.AI tools - search for templates - Logo Animation website
  2. Pick a logo animation template from the available array of templates with various shapes, sizes, and styles.
    create animation
  3. Then, customize your animation to perfection, from colors and fonts to motion and effects.
  4. Combine your animation with a captivating soundtrack to boost the impact of your logo animation.
    AI tools - complete editing and adjustment - Logo Animation website
  5. Also, incorporate attractive visual elements ranging from diverse overlays, transitions, and special effects to add that extra spark of creativity.
  6. Then, go to Preview to view your work and export the animation if satisfied.
    export created animation file

Tool 5: Logo reveal by InVideo

InVideo’s Logo Reveal tool is a great option for creating an animated logo. It’s user-friendly and offers pre-designed templates for various animation styles. Templates are easily customizable, and you can upload your logo for InVideo to suggest color palettes that match your brand image.

InVideo has a free plan with limited features and paid plans for more customization options.

  1. Open the InVideo website on your PC.
    AI tools - invideo ai landing page - Logo Animation website
  2. Then, enter a descriptive prompt describing the AI animation and click the Generate a Video button.
    enter prompt to generate animation
  3. Afterward, wait patiently for the system to complete its analysis.
    AI tools - wait for analysis to complete - Logo Animation website
  4. When the analysis is complete, select options that further narrow down the prompts and click the Continue button.
    narrow prompt down
  5. Then, allow the app to generate the animation. This process might take a while, so be patient.
    AI tools - generating animation - Logo Animation website
  6. Finally, download the completed animation.

When using any of these tools for a group project, you can collaborate and draw inspiration from others using specialized collaborative tools, e.g., the Discord app.


Can you animate an already-made logo?

Animating an existing logo is possible! AI design tools offer pre-made templates for easy animation. Consider Adobe After Effects or hiring a motion graphics designer for more control or unique concepts. The best approach depends on your budget, desired complexity, and technical comfort level.

Does Canva employ AI for logo animation?

Canva doesn’t directly create animated logos with AI, but it uses AI for design inspiration and image suggestions. You can still create animated logos with pre-made templates that you can customize with your own branding.

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