Afam Onyimadu
Editor-in-Chief, Fuzo Tech

Expertise: App and Gadget Reviews, Windows, Android, iOS
Education: Bachelor of Computer Science


  • Crafting amazing guides and reviews for millions of global readers.
  • Working in the editorial team at Windows Report to revamp old and outdated articles. 
  • Creating the learning portal, Decouvertes University, and managing content production on the platform.

Short Bio

After earning my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, I was inspired to create something truly remarkable. A fortunate event later helped me harness this drive, enabling me to not only focus on a single project but also engage in numerous endeavors that endure over time. This journey has honed my writing skills and allowed me to tackle technical challenges for millions globally through detailed and insightful guides.

“Passionate about technology and committed to delivering high-quality content, I strive to simplify the complex and inspire through my writing.”


Afam has worked with Fuzo Tech since its launch in February 2023 and has occupied the role of Editor-in-Chief. However, his tech writing journey began in 2018 as a freelance writer for Make Tech Easier.

Over the years, he has built a reputation for producing high-quality guides, reviews, tips, and explainer articles. His work has been featured on prominent websites such as Technical Ustad, where he worked as editor-in-chief for a while, Guiding Tech, Alphr, Windows Report, and MS Power User, among others.

Before focusing on tech writing, Afam spent four years as a Copywriter for Decouvertes DMC. In this role, he led the email marketing strategy, expanding the email list to over fifty thousand subscribers. He also played a key role in conceptualizing and co-designing Decouvertes University, an online travel education platform, where he managed content production and publication.

In addition to his writing expertise, Afam has been actively involved in web design and is skilled in using and designing CMS solutions like WordPress and Joomla. He is proficient in SQL, R, and dashboard creation for data manipulation and presentation, a skill set significantly enhancing his research for writing projects.


Afam holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in .Net Development from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. He is currently pursuing an MBA at Nexford University while working for Fuzo Tech.