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What is aitstatic.exe & Can I disable it?

An explanation on what the Application Impact Telemetry Static Analyzer file is


Today, we will be talking about aitstatic.exe. In a previous article on poqexec.exe, where we elaborated on its purpose and how to remove it, we will also give insights into the Application Impact Telemetry Static Analyzer.

Things to expect in this article include what this file is and what it does. Because of its importance, we will also reveal the correct location where you should find this file on your system. In addition, we will help you decide whether to remove it, and you can safely do so.

What is aitstatic.exe?

The Application Impact Telemetry Static Analyzer file or aitstatic.exe is a member of the Microsoft Windows system.

It is part of the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), which collects information about how you use Microsoft programs and about some of the problems you encounter. This information is used to improve the quality of Microsoft products and services.

Some programs on your computer may require this file to run correctly. This function is why this file, when missing, may lead to issues when opening applications or games.

What does aitstatic.exe do?

This executable performs the following functions:

  • Collects information about how you use Microsoft programs and about some of the problems you encounter.
  • This information is used to improve the quality of Microsoft products and services.

Where is aitstatic.exe located?

The aitstatic.exe file is a genuine executable file of Windows you can find in the System32 folder. If you find it in a different folder, you should suspect malware and may need to run a comprehensive malware scan.

Can I uninstall or disable aitstatic.exe?

You may want to remove this file for the following reasons:

  • The possibility of a security risk.
  •  Prone to Trojan horse and other malware.
  •  People with bad intentions can create an imitation of the file with the same name but malware in reality.

However, after uninstalling it, your computer may not send information about your system to Microsoft. This issue means your computer cannot send the data necessary for improvements.

How do I remove or disable aitstatic.exe?

  1. Press the ctrl + shift + esc keys together to open the system’s Task Manager.
  2. Under the Processes tab, look for aitstatic.exe, right-click on it and click End task. This will stop the process from running.
  3. After ending the process, you can delete aitstatic.exe from your PC by right-clicking on it in the Task Manager, and choose the Open file location from the options.
  4. When you find it, right-click on it and select Delete.

In the final analysis, the aitstatic.exe file is not spyware. It is a legitimate agent from Microsoft. The information it gathers is necessary for improving Windows to provide better services to users and make computer experiences better.

However, if you are uncomfortable with it, you can disable the agent on your computer, as shown in the steps above. For further inquiry, comment below in the comment section or consult Microsoft Support for help troubleshooting it in case of any error.

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