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What Is ApplicationFrameHost.exe & What Does It Do?

Comprehensive explanation about the ApplicationFrameHost.exe file


If you open the Task Manager, you will see many background processes running. The ApplicationFrameHost.exe file is among these background processes. In a similar article, we discussed another background process known as Poqexec.exe; we recommend checking it out also.

In this article, however, we will provide you with all the information necessary to understand what the ApplicationFrameHost.exe file is fully, the role it plays on your device, and also help you determine if it is a safe process or not.

What is ApplicationFrameHost.exe

ApplicationFrameHost.exe is a genuine Windows process that displays Universal Windows Platform (UWP) on your computer desktop. UWP apps are the new types of applications that come with Windows.

To be more precise, the Application Frame Host process aims to show these applications on your desktop in frames (windows), whether you are using Windows in desktop mode or tablet mode. All open UWP apps will be closed if this process is abruptly terminated.

What does ApplicationFrameHost exe do?

Some of the major functions of ApplicationFrameHost.exe are listed below.

  • It provides a compatible user interface for UWP apps.
  • It helps to display UWP apps in Windows on your desktop.
  • It provides a medium of communication with other Windows processes.
  • It manages input and output for UWP apps.
  • It monitors and controls the life cycle of UWP apps.

Can I disable application frame host?

This process cannot be permanently disabled. But the process will be terminated if you right-click it in the Task Manager and choose End Task. This action will also close any open UWP or Store apps you have open.

However, Windows will immediately start the Application Frame Host process once more the next time you open a UWP app. You cannot stop it because Windows starts it automatically when necessary in the background.

How do I disable ApplicationFrameHost.exe?

Use the Task Manager to disable it temporarily

  1. Hold the Windows + X keys together and select Task Manager from the list of options.
  2. Look for ApplicationFrameHost, right-click on it, and choose End task.
  3. Doing this should temporarily disable the ApplicationFrameHost process.

Is the Application Frame host safe?

Yes, ApplicationFrameHost is a legitimate Windows process that runs in the background. Although this file is genuine, some viruses might disguise themselves as this file to compromise your system, so we recommend verifying the file to be 100 percent sure it is genuine.

To check if the file is legitimate, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Hold the Windows + X keys together and select Task Manager from the list of options.
  2. Locate ApplicationFrameHost, right-click on it, and choose Open file location.
  3. You should normally find the ApplicationFrameHost.exe file by default in the  C:\Windows\System32 folder, so if you get a file with a different name or it is not in its proper location, it could be a virus.

In conclusion, reading this article should give you a solid knowledge of how the ApplicationFrameHost.exe file functions and also how you can know the difference between a genuine file and a malicious program.

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