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What Is Axinstui.exe & Is It Safe?

This comprehensive guide will help you understand the role of AxInstUI.exe on your device


Many Windows users have commented that they would like to know about the numerous executable files that run on their devices. In previous guides, we have covered some files like bcdboot.exe and bash.exe. However, this article will focus on another critical process known as AxInstUI.exe.

We will cover everything you need to know concerning this file.

What is AxInstUI.exe?

AxInstUIexe is a Windows file that belongs to the ActiveX Installer Service. It is responsible for displaying the user interface for installing and uninstalling ActiveX controls. Some of its basic functions are listed below.

  • It allows users to precisely define configuration preferences during the installation process, such as the location of the control.
  • It displays the user interface for installing and uninstalling ActiveX controls.
  • Confirms the integrity of the control before its installation.
  • Logs installation and uninstall events.

Where is AxInstUI.exe located?

A legitimate AxInstUI.exe file should be located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. However, you should run a malware scan if you observe that the file is stored in a strange location, as this could be a malware program.

Should I remove AxInstUI.exe?

We recommend keeping the AxInstUI.exe file except if you suspect it is a malware program. Some of the benefits of keeping this file include:

  • If AxInstUI.exe is a legitimate file, keeping it will allow you to install and uninstall ActiveX controls.
  • It will not slow down or cause harm to your computer.
  • It will protect you from some malware attacks.

However, removing this file will have the following effects on your device.

  • It will be impossible to install or uninstall ActiveX controls.
  • You might have issues with some applications and websites.
  • Your device might become vulnerable to malware attacks.

To conclude, we have covered everything there is to know about the AxInstUI.exe file. Feel free to reach us via the comment section below if you have further questions or need more clarification.

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