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Top 5 Best Free Antivirus for an Acer Laptop?

These programs have been tested repeatedly to ensure efficiency


You are probably reading this article to find the best free antivirus program for your Acer laptop. We can understand your confusion because there are so many anti-virus programs on the market that it is getting increasingly challenging to pick a trustworthy one.

However, the best free antivirus program for your device is provided in this article. If interested, continue reading for our top picks for Acer laptops.

In a Hurry? Here is a summary of the review

  • AVG anti-virus free – Solid malware protection, email shield, anti-phishing feature, and an improved firewall.
  • Avast One Essential – Anti-scam feature, anti-ransomware feature, system optimization, and 24/7 customer support.
  • Bitdefender Anti-virus Free – Lightweight on CPU, constant customer support, anti-phishing, and excellent malware protection.
  • ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus – Wi-Fi protection, real-time security updates, anti-spyware, and solid Firewall.
  • Avira Free Antivirus – Ad blocker, real-time update, solid malware protection, and compatibility across multiple devices.

How do I protect my Acer laptop from viruses?

You can protect your laptop from viruses by following the steps below.

  • Download a reputable anti-virus program – Getting a reliable anti-virus program will safeguard your system and keep sensitive information secure.
  • Regular update of OS – Ensure that your device operating system is updated regularly. This will ensure your system has the required security patches and updates to protect your device from malware.
  • Download files from trusted sites – Ensure you only download files from trustworthy websites and avoid suspicious ones.
  • Be careful with email attachments – Avoid opening email attachments from unknown senders because many of these files could contain viruses.
  • Use a pop-up blocker – This feature will help block out unwanted messages containing harmful links and downloads.

Do Acer laptops have antivirus?

Windows has evolved, and versions 8, 10, and 11 now include a built-in Defender. Consequently, if your Acer laptop runs this version of Windows, it is pre-installed with an antivirus program.

What is the best free antivirus for Acer laptop?

1. AVG Anti-virus free – Anti-phishing feature

AVG’s free services include antivirus, ransomware defense, and the ability to block other types of malware like spyware.

Six different scan types are available with AVG AntiVirus Free, including Deep Scan, USB/DVD scan, single file or folder scans, and a boot-time scan that launches before Windows starts up, stopping any slithering malware before it has a chance to launch and defend itself from the program.

In addition to performing antivirus functions, AVG can block risky email attachments and alert you to unsafe web links. You’re not getting the same level of protection as if you were paying for AVG Internet Security, as the greyed-out tiles attest to, but since it’s free, you can’t complain.

AVG receives high marks in independent lab tests. In AV-Test’s most recent report, for instance, it scored a flawless 18/18. This software program is a good choice if you’re looking for free antivirus today, It is also available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Some important features of AVG anti-virus free include:

  • Solid malware protection
  • Email shield
  • Anti-phishing feature
  • Improved firewall

2. Avast One Essential – System optimization

Avast One is a brand-new security suite that combines VPN, antivirus, and other security features into a single app. The Avast One Essential is a completely free version that is available.

It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and has a welcoming, lightweight interface that is simple to understand and use. It is essentially just the scaled-up iPhone app, even though it also runs on the iPad.

In addition to reliably warning you of fake websites (where you might unintentionally type your login information), it also blocks viruses and, by default, stops ransomware from encrypting files saved in regular folders.

A respectable VPN with a generous 5GB of weekly bandwidth is also built-in. This is excellent as a free tool because many well-known, premium security suites provide less than that.

The bad news is that you cannot select from the list of 35 nations that Avast One Premium offers. It won’t unblock websites or streaming services because it simply connects to the fastest location, typically in your nation.

However, to monitor an address and receive alerts, you’ll need to pay for Premium once more. Essential will check specific email addresses and inform you if they’ve been involved in breaches.

The One Essential package from Avast is surprisingly generous, but some limitations must be faced. Avast cannot offer absolutely everything for free. It is now the best free antivirus program available.

Some important features of Avast One Essential include:

  • Anti-scam feature
  • Anti-ransomware feature
  • System optimization
  • 24/7 customer support

3. Bitdefender Anti-virus Free – Solid malware protection
Best free antivirus for Acer laptop

It appears that Bitdefender will continue to provide excellent virus protection in 2023. The most recent AV-Test report gave Bitdefender top marks for performance and protection, with only a partial point deducted for usability.

The Free edition of Bitdefender offers the same level of antivirus defense as its premium plans. Even though the interface is the same, some features have padlock icons over them or pop-up messages advising you that an upgrade is required to use them, just like with the others in this section.

The essential real-time and on-demand malware is present, including Advanced Threat Defence and Online Threat Protection, but not much else.

Ransomware Remediation is one feature you might be missing. While Bitdefender will try to prevent malware from being downloaded as you browse the web without installing a specific web browser extension, it’s not always guaranteed to be successful.

However, it does a much better job of alerting you to fake websites that might try to steal your login information.

Some important features of Bitdefender Anti-virus free include:

  • Lightweight on CPU
  • Constant customer support
  • Anti-phishing
  • Great malware protection

4. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus – Anti-ransomware
Best free antivirus for Acer laptop

In addition to providing firewalls and antivirus protection, ZoneAlarm goes above and beyond to address two emerging security issues, identity theft and data loss.

A credit education specialist can assist you with any alerts or issues, and daily credit monitoring tools guard against identity theft. This might be your best option if you don’t already use a service that helps safeguard your identity and data.

If you download this free software, you should know three things. You’ll be getting the beta version of the program, the free license to use it only lasts about a year, and lastly, if you decide to uninstall it later, removing all traces of it from your computer might be challenging.

Some important features of ZoneAlarm include:

  • Wi-Fi protection
  • Real-time security updates
  • Anti-spyware
  • Solid Firewall

5. Avira Free Antivirus – Compatibility across multiple devices
Best free antivirus for Acer laptop

One of the best choices for getting exactly the security features you need without any extras or obtrusive bloat is Avira’s minimalist free antivirus software. Download options are offered for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and the Mac/iOS compatibility is excellent, making this a top pick for Apple users.

The free antivirus program from Avira includes virus checks and blocking, infected file repairs, real-time updates, a shield against potentially unwanted programs (PUAs), an ad blocker, and a tracking blocker.

Another product Avira offers is Avira Prime, which costs $10 for a month, $60 for a year, or $190 for two years for five devices. This service offers extras like a password generator, encryption for your web browsing information, and other features.

Some important features of Avira include:

  • Ad blocker
  • Real-time update
  • Solid malware protection
  • Compatible across multiple devices

In conclusion, the programs listed in this article are the best free anti-virus software available today. If you want to enjoy a high level of security for your device without paying a dime, check out these programs.

Lastly, you should check out this other article if you use a different brand and need the best Windows 11 antivirus.

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