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Bree AI Desktop App Review: Is it the Best Way to Communicate with ChatGPT?


Key Insights:

  • Bree AI app helps you draft creative and original content like articles, blog posts, social media updates, resumes, and cover letters.
  • It can craft well-structured and professional emails, saving you time and effort.
  • Act like an experienced programmer with Bree AI’s ability to write, debug, and explain code.

How to Download Bree AI App

  1. Open the Microsoft store on your PC.
    open microsoft store
  2. Then, enter Bree AI app into the search bar and hit Enter.
    Search for Bree AI ChatGPT app
  3. When a list of app displays, select the Bree AI – Chat Bot app.
    Bree AI ChatGPT app in search result
  4. Finally, click Get to download the app.
    Download Bree AI ChatGPT app

Features of Bree

The Bree AI chatbot app provides a seamless and intuitive way for users to communicate with ChatGPT. It has several features to enhance user interaction with the app. Some of the features include the following:

User Interface

User Interface

The Bree AI app’s User Interface (UI) design focuses on simplicity, ease of use, and a natural conversation flow. It offers several functions, such as the following:

  • The chat interface of Bree AI offers the primary interaction point, allowing users to enter their requests and get responses conversationally.
  • The input box is typically found at the bottom of the screen, where users enter prompts or questions.
  • The response area, where Bree AI’s responses appear after a user submits a prompt, displays both the user’s input and the AI-generated output.
  • The toolbar or menu contains additional options like switching between different modes or accessing settings.
  • Customization options allow users to customize the UI and adjust font size, theme, or other preferences.
  • A feedback mechanism allows users to give feedback on generated responses to help improve the AI over time.


Bree AI ChatGPT app: Explain

Bree AI simplifies complex information and makes it accessible and understandable to users. It explains various topics in detail, generating a concise, informative response. Users can also establish how much detail they want.

Whether you require a high-level overview or an in-depth technical explanation, Bree AI adjusts its response accordingly. The explanations fit the needs of both beginners and experts. The explanations offer educational benefits to students and professionals, covering subjects like mathematics, science, programming, and more.



In addition to chatting intuitively with ChatGPT, users of the Bree AI app can draft original content. Whether you intend to write articles, blog posts, social media updates, or customized resumes and cover letters, the app’s creative and coherent text can help you.

Additionally, the app can enhance existing content. It proposes alternative wording and rewrites sentences. The app allows users to establish their preferred tone, whether formal, casual, or professional, and style, such as persuasive, informative, or narrative content style.

Brain Storm

Bree AI ChatGPT app: Brainstorm

Bree AI works with users and helps brainstorm ideas. The app’s vast brainstorming capability is available for you whether you want to create blog post topics, creative writing prompts, or project ideas. It allows users to specify the context, industry, or theme they’re interested in. It gives creative and unique ideas.


Bree AI ChatGPT app: Translate

Users can benefit from the Bree AI app’s ability to compose content in numerous languages for global audiences. The translate feature allows you to break language obstacles by translating texts from unfamiliar languages.

Whether you’re conversing with someone who speaks a different language or desire to understand foreign content, Bree AI provides clear communication and understanding.


Users can download the Bree AI app for free on the Microsoft Store. However, the app offers two subscription options:

  • Yearly: $69.99 per year.
  • Monthly: $9.99 per month.

Pros and Cons

CostFree basic versionPaid subscription for advanced features (GPT-4 access, ad-free, etc.)
Ease of UsePreset prompt templatesLimited functionality without prompts
Content CreationAssists with writing various content Relies on user prompts and may not be factually accurate
Content ExplanationCan simplify complex topicsMay not understand user intent perfectly
ChatConversational AI for various topicsGPT-3 based, not the latest GPT-4 technology
DiscussionPre-built templates for various discussionsThe AI was last updated in January 2022 with limited data set
Additional FeaturesBrainstorming, translationNo image generation capability

Our Verdict

Bree AI is a promising app with several functionalities and features for interacting with users while acting as an intermediary for ChatGPT. Before getting the free or paid version, consider whether it fits your needs and budget.

However, I recommend getting this tool if you need a user-friendly and versatile tool for content creation, explanation, and communication with a free option. Other interesting AI tools include Facebook’s Meta AI and Gemini, which you can easily access right from the Chrome address bar.

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