Convert exFAT to FAT32 Format on Windows 11: best 3 Ways

Using the command prompt is an effective way to convert exFAT to FAT32 on Windows 11


Most computer users are likely aware of the variety of file systems available. Everyone differs in logic, speed, adaptability, security, size, etc. Every type of file system has benefits and drawbacks of its own. However, you may need to convert exFAT to FAT32 format on Windows 11 to use storage drives on various electronic devices.

This guide will walk you through various ways to do this, and in the end, you will be confident enough to convert drives from one format to another easily.

What is exFAT and FAT32?

Microsoft created the file system exFAT as an improved version of FAT32. It was designed to boost accessible storage capacity and offer improved compatibility with external devices like flash drives and digital cameras. Compared to FAT32, it can handle larger files and is more frequently utilized on recent systems, including Windows 11.

exFAT has the speed benefit over FAT32, however it also has the drawback of incompatibility with some older devices. Moreover, only specific operating systems may access it due to its proprietary format. Because of this, exFAT isn’t as popular as FAT32 or alternative file systems like NTFS and HFS+.

FAT32, on the other hand, is widely used on several storage devices like memory cards, USB flash, and hard drives. Microsoft first made it available in 1996, and it is an acronym for File Allocation Table 32.

Generally speaking, larger file sizes are possible with FAT32 because it supports higher data volumes than the outdated FAT16 format. It also makes file transfers between devices easier because of its improved compatibility with different operating systems.

Convert exFAT to FAT32 on Windows

1. Use Disk Management

Disk Management is a pre-installed Windows feature that lets you view and control any connected storage devices, including USB drives, SD cards, SSDs, and hard disks.

If you are familiar with basic Windows tools, this simple solution is ideal as it doesn’t require downloading any additional software. But remember that formatting removes all data from the drive, so you must back up your contents before proceeding. Once everything is in place, follow the steps below to use this feature.

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon at the left bottom corner of your screen and select Disk Management.
    Convert exFAT to FAT32 Windows 11
  2. Next, locate the partition with the exFAT file, right-click on it, and choose Format.
    Convert exFAT to FAT32 Windows 11
  3. Set the File system as FAT32, then click OK.
  4. Disk Management will automatically start formatting your drive to FAT32. It will also erase all your data.
    Convert exFAT to FAT32 Windows 11
  5. Once the process is complete, you will realize that the exFAT partition has been converted to FAT32.

2. Make Use of the Command Prompt

The command prompt is a text-based interface allowing you to interact directly with the operating system. It also provides a way to convert exFAT to FAT32 in Windows 11; however, this step is for more advanced Windows users, so you should understand how the operating system works to use this tool successfully.

  1. Hold  Windows + R together, input cmd in the text field, then hold Ctrl + Shift + Enter simultaneously to open the command prompt as an administrator.
    Convert exFAT to FAT32 Windows 11
  2. Once you are in the command prompt, input the command below, then hit Enter.
  3. Next, input the command below and hit Enter after each one.
    list disk
    select disk y (replace y with the number of your exfat device)
    list volume
    select volume y (replace y with the number of your exfat device)
    format fs-fat32 quick

  4. After the formatting process is complete, type exit to close disk part.

3. Make Use of a Third-Party Software Converter

If none of the aforementioned conversion techniques work, you can attempt using a third-party utility to convert exFAT to FAT32. You can use numerous programs; however, we suggest using AOMEI Partition Assistant to complete the task quickly.

Using this free and efficient converter, you may quickly convert your drive file system from exFAT to FAT32. The instructions for using AOMEI Partition Assistant for your conversion needs are below.

  1. First, download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant on your Windows device.
  2. Next, right-click on the storage drive you want to convert to FAT32, and click on Format Partition.
  3. In the next pop-up window, choose FAT32, then click OK when you are done.
  4. On the main interface, click on the Apply option at the top, then click the Proceed button.

exFAT to FAT32: Which is the better format?

Based on your personal needs, either the exFAT or FAT32 file format might be the best option. Below is a breakdown of their key functions and limitations.

Features exFAT FAT32
CompatibilityWorks with all Windows OS, and MAC OS devicesWorks with all Windows OS, Linux, Mac OS, and game consoles
File size supportThere is no limit on file sizeA maximum of 4GB file size, and a maximum of 8TB partition size
UseIf you want to share files larger than 4GB, exFAT is your best betWorks best for normal usage on removable devices like USB, flash drives, or removable devices
Supported devicesPS4, Xbox One. This format will not work on some media files and Android devicesThis format is compatible with all media files and Android devices

Concluding Remarks

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be confident enough to convert exFAT to FAT32 on your Windows 11 device. If you have further questions, contact us via the comment section below. If you would also like to know how to open SDR files on your Windows 11 device, check out the linked guide.

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