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Create a Professional Video Using A Text to Video AI Tool

Easy way to create vidoes using text prompts



  • With Invideo, you can create videos from text and translate them into 50+ languages, making your content accessible to a wide range of audience.
  • The best part about this tool is that you can clone your voice and use it as the voice-over for your videos.

Use Invideo to Create Videos Using Text Prompts

  1. Navigate to to get started.
  2. Once you get to the site, click on the Try invideo AI button.
    try invideo
  3. You will need to create an account or join with your Google or Apple account.
    sign in
  4. Once you are signed in, you will need to set up your account by inputting your name and the name of your workspace, then clicking Continue.
    input your name
  5. Complete the section on how you discovered the software and hit Continue.
    how did you find the tool
  6. Finally, choose how you want to use the tool, and click Continue.
    how to use
  7. Once you do this, you will be taken to the work area where you can create your videos.
  8. Describe the type of video you want to create in the text box, then click on the Generate a video button.
    generate a video
  9. Select your Audience, the Look and Feel, and the Platform, then click on Continue.
    choose continue
  10. Immediately, the software will start analyzing the information and create a video for it.
  11. Once the analysis is complete, you will get a video, with voice-over.
  12. You can click on the Edit button to make changes to your video. You can edit either the media, script, or music.
  13. To use your voice instead of a random AI voice, click on the three horizontal lines on the left side of your screen, then select Voices under the Plugins section.
  14. Click on the + icon to record your voice and use it as the voice-over for your video. You need a paid plan to use this feature.
    record your voice
  15. When you are done with your editing, click on the Export button to download the video.
    Click on export
  16. To remove watermarks and invideo AI branding, you need to upgrade your account, however, if you are still testing the tool, continue with the free plan.
    remove watermark
  17. After a short time, the video will be downloaded to your computer

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