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What is the Windows Csrss.exe File & How to Fix Its High GPU Usage

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Within the workings of the Windows operating system lies the critical csrss.exe file. An essential part of the Windows architecture, the Client/Server Runtime Subsystem, is vital in managing crucial processes. However, users may encounter a frustrating issue: unusually high GPU usage.

This phenomenon can lead to performance slowdowns due to memory issues and other issues, overheating, and even system instability. This article will discuss its purpose and provide actionable solutions to rectify accompanying issues.

What is csrss.exe used for?

The csrss.exe is a critical system process in the Windows operating system. It has several essential functions:

  • Csrss.exe provides essential operating system functions regarding creating and managing threads, rendering graphics, and handling input/output operations.
  •  Secondly, it helps in managing console windows for command-line applications. It handles input and output operations, such as displaying text and receiving keyboard input for command prompt sessions.
  •  It also handles the shutdown process, including terminating user processes and closing open files, to ensure a smooth system shutdown.
  •  Additionally, it interacts with the Local Security Authority (LSA) to authenticate user credentials and establish user sessions.
  •  Lastly, it involves rendering and managing graphical elements on the screen.

Why is csrss.exe using GPU?

While csrss.exe primarily operates in the background and doesn’t typically utilize the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), there are a few scenarios where you may observe it using GPU resources:

  • In certain cases, such as complex graphical elements or intense visual effects, csrss.exe may utilize GPU resources to perform these tasks efficiently.
  • When using command prompt sessions or running console-based programs that involve graphical components, csrss.exe may utilize GPU resources to render the console window and display text or graphical content.
  • It’s important to note that in some cases, malware or compatibility issues can cause abnormal behavior of the csrss.exe process, including unexpected GPU usage.

Other processes that operate in the background include Compact.exe and compattelrunner.exe. You can read about them.

How do I fix csrss.exe high GPU usage?

1. To decrease the GPU usage of csrss.exe

  1. Start the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously.
  2. When it opens, click the Details tab and find csrss.exe.
  3. Then, right-click on it and expand the Set priority option.
  4. Afterward, select Normal, Below Normal, or Low.
  5. Finally, restart Task Manager and check the GPU usage of the Client Server Runtime process from the Process tab.

2. Run System File Checker scan

  1. Press the Windows and S keys together and enter cmd in the search field.
  2. Then, select Run as administrator on the right side to launch the Command Prompt as an admin.
    error 2001-0123
  3. When UAC prompts you, click on Yes to proceed.
    error 2001-0123
  4. After Command Prompt opens, enter the following command into the console and hit Enter to begin an SFC scan:
    sfc /scannow
    error 2001-0123
  5. When the scan is complete, enter the command below and press Enter to run the command:
    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
    error 2001-0123
  6. Finally, it would be best to restart your computer to implement repairs.

3. Update PC drivers

  1. Hit the Windows and I keys together to open the Settings window.
    eax dll
  2. Click the Windows Update option afterward.
  3. Select Advanced Options next.
    eax dll
  4. Then click the Optional updates option next.
    eax dll
  5. After that, expand the Driver Updates section, select the appropriate drive, Download, and Install all the available updates.
  6. Lastly, restart your computer.

4. Run virus scan

  1. Push the Windows + S keys down simultaneously, and type Windows Security in the search field. Then open the Windows Security application.
  2. After opening, click on the Virus & threat protection option.
    d3dx9_26 dll
  3. Thirdly, click Scan options to see all available scans.
    d3dx9_26 dll
  4. On the next display, choose the Full scan option, then click Scan now to do a deep scan on your computer for viruses or malware.

5. Update the OS

  1. Firstly, press the Windows + I keys together to open Settings or open by clicking the Windows icon on the Taskbar.
    directx error windows 11
  2. Then click the Windows Update option and the Check for updates button to find new updates.
    directx error windows 11
  3. If Windows has a latest update, it will automatically detect it. Follow the instructions to update Windows.
  4. Finally, restart your computer.

How do I know if csrss.exe is a virus?

It is important to note that the csrss.exe process is a critical system component, and tampering with or terminating it can lead to system instability or a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). However, it is worth mentioning that malware or viruses can sometimes disguise themselves as csrss.exe to avoid detection.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the process running on your system is located in the correct system directory (C:\Windows\System32) and digitally signed by Microsoft. If you suspect any issues or abnormalities with the csrss.exe process, perform a malware scan using reliable antivirus software.

In conclusion, the Windows csrss.exe file is an indispensable operating system component managing vital processes. Nevertheless, encountering high GPU usage attributed to this file can disrupt a smooth computing experience.

Remember, timely action can significantly improve the overall system responsiveness and prevent potential complications from prolonged GPU strain. We are also open to your feedback in the comment section below.

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