D3dx11_43 DLL Not Found: Best 5 Solutions

How to Fix the Missing D3dx11_43.dll Error Easily and Quickly


If you have encountered the dreaded D3dx11_43.dll Not Found error message, then you are where you should be. This error occurs when an application or game attempts to access a specific DirectX component, and the file it needs is missing from the system.

Fortunately, several solutions are available to help you fix this issue and get your application or game running again. We will discuss the best solutions for resolving the error in this article. We will also discuss the causes.

What causes missing d3dx11_43 DLL?

There are several causes of the d3dx11_43.dll missing error. These causes may include any of the following:

  • Missing or corrupted DirectX file: When a DirectX file is missing or is corrupt, it can cause this error or other similar errors to occur.
  •  Outdated version of DirectX: If the DirectX version on your system is out of date, then it can lead to this error.
  •  Missing or corrupted registry: Thirdly, a missing or corrupted registry file can occasionally lead to this problem.
  •  Hardware or software issue: The error may also indicate a hardware or software issue with the computer’s graphics card or drivers.
  •  Incomplete installation: It can also occur when the DirectX installation is incomplete or when the file is not registered correctly with Windows.

These causes are not fatal. You can handle it professionally using the fixes we will identify in this guide. Follow them consciously to get the best result.

How to fix d3dx11_43.dll error?

1. Reinstall the app that requires d3dx11_43.dll

  1. Hold down the Windows and X keys simultaneously to open Quick Link and click on Run top open the run dialog.
    d3dx11_43 dll
  2. Then, type in the code in the next line into Run’s text box and press Enter:
  3. After that, select the program you intend to repair the DLL missing error for in Programs and Features section. Click on the Uninstall option for the intended program.
  4. When uninstall is complete, restart your computer.
  5. Finally, reinstall the latest version of the program you just uninstalled.

2. Update DirectX to the latest version

  1. Firstly, visit the DirectX download page on your computer browser.
    d3dx11_43 dll
  2. Then, click Download to download the DirectX End-User Runtime Web on your PC.
  3. When download is successful, run the download setup to update the DirectX on your computer to the latest version. 
    d3dx11_43 dll
  4. Then click Finish once the setup is complete.
  5. Finally, restart your computer.

3. Update Windows

  1. Press down the Windows + I keys at once to launch the Settings menu or click the Windows icon on the Taskbar.
  2. Secondly, click the Windows Update option and click the Check for updates button to look for new updates.
    d3dx11_43 dll
  3. If Windows has a latest update, then it will automatically detect it. Follow the instructions to update Windows.
  4. Finally, restart your computer.

4. Update drivers

  1. Compress the Windows + I keys together and start the Settings window or do same by clicking the Windows icon on the Taskbar.
  2. Under the Settings option, click Windows Update option on the left side of the display.
    d3dx11_43 dll
  3. Under the Windows Update option, click Advanced Options to access the options under it
  4. Then, click on the Optional updates option.
    d3dx11_43 dll
  5. Finally, expand Driver Updates and click Download and Install to install all the updates available.
  6. Then, restart your PC when the installation finishes.

We have written a comprehensive guide on how to update drivers in Windows 11.

5. Download the DLL file

  1. First and foremost, launch the DLL download website on your browser.
    d3dx11_43 dll
  2. Then, type the search code d3dx11_43.dll into the search box.
  3. Once the results page opens, click on the DLL link for the desired result.
    d3dx11_43 dll
  4. Under the list of available DLL files, look for the current file suitable for your system and click Download to download the DLL file.
  5. Unzip the DLL file you downloaded and copy the unzipped file to the appropriate directory where the DLL file is missing.
  6. Or you can also move the DLL file to the system directory following the paths in the next line:
    d3dx11_43 dll
  7. Finally, restart the computer.

In conclusion, if you ever encounter the d3dx11_43.dll Not Found error, you now have five solutions to try. You may also use a DLL file repairer.

Lastly, you can use reliable PC repair tools to fix the issue. With these five solutions, you should be able to repair the d3dx11_43.dll Not Found error on your computer, even if there is a need for speed in getting it done to get the program to run ASAP.

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