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Dashost.exe: What Is It & Is It Safe?

Comprehensive guide on the dasHost.exe process and its functions


If you have ever connected devices like headphones or a mouse to a computer, you have probably used the dasHost.exe process. This guide will elaborate more on what this process means and its role on your device.

It is essential to learn about the various executable files that come with the Windows device, and in the past, we have talked about some of these files like bthudtask.exe, Browser_broker.Exe, and CastSrv.exe so make sure to check them out after reading this guide.

What is dasHost.exe?

DasHost.exe (Device Association Framework Provider Host) is a Microsoft-supplied file utilized in Windows operating systems. Its main function is to connect wired and wireless devices like printer or mouse to a computer device.

Is it safe to block dashost.exe?

According to our research, your computer only needs one dasHost.exe file to pair wireless and wired devices to your computer; this is a legitimate file.

The proper location for this file is in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, so if you discover any file with the same name outside this location, you should immediately run a virus scan, as this could be a malware program.

What is Dashost used for?

1. Pairing devices

DasHost.exe is utilized in device pairing via the Device Association Framework (DAF). DAF is a framework that provides a common method for discovering, installing, and associating devices with the Windows operating system.

DasHost.exe will use DAF to discover the device before pairing it with your computer. Once discovered, the file will then use DAF to install the required drivers for the device. Finally, it will use DAF to connect the device to the correct driver.

2. Installing drivers

DasHost.exe will automatically download and install the appropriate drivers when you connect a new device to your computer. The following is the procedure for installing drivers:

  • DasHost.exe begins by identifying the new device. This is accomplished by scanning the device for unique identifiers such as the serial number or manufacturer.
  • Next, dasHost.exe searches the Windows Update library for drivers with the same IDs as the device.
  • The file will then download a driver to your machine if it finds one in the Windows Update catalog.
  • Finally, it will install the driver on your computer once downloaded.

3. Overseeing device association

When connecting an unknown device to your laptop or desktop, dasHost.exe first looks for the device’s driver. If a driver is found, the file will install it and then associate the device with the driver. This enables the device to work correctly on your computer.

If dasHost.exe cannot locate a driver for the device, an error message will be displayed. The driver can then be manually downloaded and installed from the manufacturer’s website.

This is as much as we can write about the dasHost.exe process. We hope the information highlighted in this guide was useful in helping you understand more about the dasHost.exe file and its functions.

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