David Ogbor
Writer, Fuzo Tech

Expertise: App and Gadget Reviews, Windows, Android
Education: Bachelor of Applied Health | Certification in Medical Coding


  • Creating engaging user guides and articles from scratch
  • Improve and update existing content

Short Bio

David is a technology enthusiast who constantly keeps up with the ever-changing world of technology. He is currently pursuing a degree in Applied Health and Certification in Medical Coding. David’s love for technology has led him to technical writing which he has been doing professionally for over a year. His work has been published on websites like Addictive Hacks and Fuzo Tech.

My goal is empowering users with knowledge. As a technical writer, I help people navigate the ever-changing world of technology, one clear and concise guide at a time.


David has been a content writer with Fuzo Tech since February 2023. He has established himself as an asset by constantly producing high-quality content and user guides. His works are published on the Fuzo Tech website.

Before going into technical writing, David worked as a Data Entry Specialist with Africa Oral Geneology, where he worked with various technological tools to input accurate user data. Being a technology enthusiast, David completed a course in Frontend Development where he gained invaluable skills in the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He also completed another course on the use of the Python Programming language.


David is currently pursuing a Degree in Applied Health, alongside certification in Medical Coding.