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What Is Devicecensus.exe & What Are Its Functions?

Comprehensive guide about the DeviceCensus.exe file and how to easily disable it


For the Windows operating system to keep functioning at its best, it needs a way to get feedback from users so as to improve your future experience, and in order to do this, it makes use of DeviceCensus.exe. This article will explore what this tool means and how to use it properly.

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What is Devicecensus exe used for?

Devicecensus.exe is a critical Windows 11 tool that gathers data regarding your device and then presents it to Microsoft to ensure compatibility with the most appropriate release. Some of the information this process collects includes the following.

  • The hardware type and manufacturer of your computer.
  • The installed software.
  • The operating system version and drivers.
  • The webcam and other input devices.
  • The network adapters and settings.

Where is Devicecensus exe located?

The file devicecensus.exe can be found in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder. This is a system folder, which means it is required for Windows to function properly. You may have issues with Windows if you delete or relocate this file.

Why is DeviceCensus.exe using up so much resources?

The DeviceCensus.exe file might be using up too much CPU resources because it is infected by a virus. We would recommend running a malware scan immediately. If you need suggestions on the most reliable software to use, check out this guide that talks about the 12 best antivirus to use on your device.

How do I disable device Census?

  1. Press Windows + S simultaneously to open the search bar, type Task Scheduler and choose Run as administrator.
  2. In the next Window, navigate to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows.
  3. Next, click on Device Information.
  4. Right-click on Device and choose Disable.
  5. Doing this should disable the DeviceCensus.exe on your device.

In conclusion, carefully reading the information outlined in this guide will help you gain solid knowledge about the DeviceCensus.exe file and how to easily disable it.

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