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How to Exit Safe Mode on Windows 11: 5 Best Solutions

Unlocking the potential of your Windows 11 system: easy ways to exit Safe Mode and restore full functionality


Knowing how to exit Safe Mode on Windows 11 is essential to you as a user. Safe Mode is a troubleshooting feature in Windows 11 that allows users to diagnose and resolve issues by starting the operating system with minimal drivers and services.

While it is a valuable tool for problem-solving, it can be frustrating when your computer gets stuck in the mode. This article will explore five of the best solutions to help you exit the mode on your PC, ensuring you can resume regular operations and resolve any underlying issues.

Why can’t I get out of Safe Mode?

There could be several reasons you can’t get out of Safe Mode. Here are some possible explanations based on real-time information:

  • A stuck key on your keyboard may inadvertently trigger Safe Mode during startup, preventing you from exiting it correctly.
  •  Your computer may also remain in Safe Mode because of a faulty or harmful app.
  •  Sometimes, a temporary system glitch or error can cause the computer to continuously boot into Safe Mode, making it challenging to revert to normal mode.
  •  A problematic driver or recently installed software may be causing conflicts that keep the system in Safe Mode.
  •  Some hardware issues, such as faulty components, can lead to Safe Mode activation during boot-up. You can scan your system with the chkdsk utility to check for errors.
  •  Ensure you are using the correct method to exit Safe Mode. Different devices have different key combinations to exit Safe Mode, so double-check the instructions for your specific device.
  •  In some cases, Safe Mode may not be available if there are network issues, such as slow internet. Ensure that you have a stable network connection.
  •  A sudden power loss during system changes or updates may lead to the issue.
  •  If you are using Windows 10 and above, the issue may arise if you are not using Normal Mode. You will need to disable Safe Mode and log back into Normal Mode.
  •  Third-party apps or accidental button touches may also prevent the device from starting.
  •  In some cases, malware or viruses can alter system settings and cause the issue.

How do I exit Safe Mode on Windows 11?

1. Use System Configuration

  1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog, enter msconfig in the text field and click the OK button.
    exit safe mode windows 11
  2. When the System Configuration window, select the General tab, enable the Normal startup option.
    exit safe mode windows 11
  3. Then, select the Boot tab present on the window.
    exit safe mode windows 11
  4. Afterward, uncheck the Safe boot checkbox.
    exit safe mode windows 11
  5. Then, click on the Apply button to verify the changes and click on the OK button to close the window.
  6. When the alert window opens next, click on Restart now button to restart the PC immediately.

2. Exit Safe Mode with Windows 11 Startup Repairs

  1. Press Window + S keys to access the search box, enter Recovery options, and click on the correct app to open.
    exit safe mode windows 11
  2. Then find Advanced startup and select Restart now.
  3. When the next window opens, choose Troubleshoot.
    eax dll
  4. Then click on Advanced options.
    eax dll
  5. Afterward, select Startup setting and then select Restart.

3. Use Command Prompt

  1. Press the Windows and S keys together and enter cmd in the search field.
  2. Then, select Run as administrator on the right side to launch the Command Prompt as an admin.
    exit safe mode windows 11
  3. When UAC prompts you, click on Yes to proceed.
    error 2001-0123
  4. After Command Prompt opens, enter the following command into the console and hit Enter to remove the Safe boot option from the boot configuration of your system:
    bcedit /deletevalue (current) safeboot
    exit safe mode windows 11
  5. Once the command execution is successful, enter code below and hit Enter to shutdown and restart your PC in normal mode:
    shutdown /r
    exit safe mode windows 11
  6. Finally, it would be best to restart your computer to implement repairs.

In conclusion, Safe Mode is a valuable feature in Windows 11 that aids in diagnosing and addressing system problems. However, when your computer gets stuck in Safe Mode, it can hinder regular usage and cause issues.

Following the five best solutions outlined in this article, you can confidently exit Safe Mode on Windows 11 and restore your system to its correct functionality. Whether by keyboard shortcuts, modifying system settings, or addressing problematic drivers, these solutions will help you get back on track.

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