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Best 4 OCR Ways to Extract Text From Images in Windows 11

The easiest way to extract text from image is by installing an OCR Chrome extension


It is frequent in this digital age to need to extract text from images using OCR software in order to alter it. This is particularly true given our reliance on paper documents, which can only be converted to editable digital files with the aid of these tools.

An AI-based technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to recognize text within a picture and convert it into an editable digital document. OCR software might be useful if you ever need to make digital data editable, such as bank statements, bills, or receipts, typically in picture format.

Thankfully, many applications allow you to extract text from photos using OCR technology. Whether you want to convert the photographs to text on a PC, phone, or online, there is a program available, so stay with us until the end of this article.

1. Make use of Google Docs to extract text from images

You can extract text from pictures without using any additional software if you currently use Google Docs to create documents. When using Google Docs on a desktop computer, you can upload an image and extract text from it using the program’s integrated OCR technology.

  1. Launch your Google Drive and sign in.
  2. Select New and choose File upload.
    Extract Text from images using OCR
  3. Once the file is uploaded, right-click on the image and choose Google Docs from the pop-up menu. Extract Text from images using OCR
  4. The extracted text will appear directly beneath the image when the image is opened in Google Docs.

2. Extract Text From Images online

You may extract text from images on any device using one of the various OCR programs that are available online. To use this application (on both PCs and mobile devices), you only need a browser and an internet connection. After testing various online OCR programs, we found that New OCR produced the best results for all of the images we used. The service is incredibly simple to use and free.

  1. Click the Choose File option and upload your file.
  2. Next, hit the Preview option and then click on OCR to work on the image.
  3. You will see the extracted text in an editable textbox. You can either copy or download it as a TXT, Doc, or PDF file.
    Extract Text from images using OCR

3. Use Windows to extract texts from the image

There are numerous OCR software accessible if you would rather transform images on your Windows computer. An outstanding Windows OCR program called Easy Screen OCR provides precise text extraction. You can upload an image file or capture a fresh screenshot to extract text from. Follow the steps below to use this tool.

  1. Click on the upward-facing arrow on your taskbar, right-click on the program icon, and choose Image OCR.
  2. Another menu will open where you can drag and drop your image.
  3. The extracted file will open in a new menu where you can copy it.

4. Make use of an OCR Chrome extension

A Chrome plugin can be useful if you specifically want to extract text from web photos. Using a Chrome extension will automatically make all text inside web images selectable. Follow the steps below to use a Chrome extension.

  1. The first thing to do is to install your preferred OCR Chrome extension. You can check out Project Naptha or Copyfish.
  2. Once the software is installed, look for an image with text on it, right-click on it, and choose Copy Text.
    Extract Text from images using OCR
  3. Doing this will remove the text from your image. You can even pick an option to translate selected text if you wish.

Rounding up

The steps outlined in this article will help you use OCR software to extract text from images, so follow the process carefully to get the desired output. If you have further questions, reach out to us via the comment section below.

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