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How To Find Windows 11 Serial Number

Simple Methods to Locate Your Windows 11 Serial Number

exit safe mode windows 11

Your Windows 11 serial number is crucial, and you need to know how to find it in times of need. Various uses for the serial number may include finding the correct drivers or parts for replacement or upgrading hardware components like the screen, RAM, battery, hard drive, and more.

Other uses may include laptop registration for academic/work use or warranty repairs or replacements. Also, note that serial numbers and Windows product keys are sometimes interchangeable but distinct. Finding the Windows 11 serial number is easy.

Find Windows 11 serial number using the Surface App

Using the Surface app presents one of the easiest ways to find your Windows 11 serial number. Here is a simple way to use the tool.

  1. Hold the Windows and I keys, search for surface, and then open the app from available results.
    Find Serial Number Windows 11
  2.  Download the Surface app from the Microsoft Store if you don’t have on your computer.
    Find Serial Number Windows 11
  3. Then, expand Device information in your app and check the serial number value next to Serial number.
    Find Serial Number Windows 11

Find the serial number on the packaging

Find the serial number on the packaging because it is usually printed there using a label or sticker. Check the sticker at the package’s back, side, or bottom. If you still possess the original packaging for your Surface, you can locate the serial number on the barcode label.

Find Serial Number Windows 11

Find the serial number on your computer’s body

Find the serial number on your computer as Microsoft usually engraves or prints it on the computer itself. You can find the number on the back, bottom, or side of the computer either on a sticker or engraved on the body of the PC.

Find Serial Number Windows 11

Find the serial number in the computer documentation

Find the serial number in the computer documentation that came with your PC. Microsoft may print or list the serial number in the product documentation, such as the user manual or warranty card. If you still have the computer documentation, locate the Serial number within its pages.

Use Settings

Use Settings to access the serial number inside your computer. Among the various methods to harvest this information internally, this method is one of the most straightforward. Use the following steps to find the serial number.

  1. Open Settings by holding Windows and I keys at once, under System click About.
    Find Serial Number Windows 11
  2. When the page opens, locate Windows Specifications, and find your Serial number.
    Find Serial Number Windows 11

Check your UEFI

Check your UEFI for your Windows 11 serial number because it is the most reliable source for this information. The UEFI firmware is responsible for controlling the basic hardware operations of your computer and storing its serial number. This implies that any changes you make to the operating system or other software will not affect the serial number.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Depending on the manufacturer, your PC will briefly ask to press a specific key during booting.
  3. Hit that key until you launch the UEFI settings (usually DEL, F1, F2, and Esc).
  4. Once inside the UEFI settings, find the text containing the Serial number.
  5. There may be a need to choose the category or simply find the number in the main menu.

Use Command Prompt

Using the Command Prompt to get your serial number is very easy. It involves the use of simple commands. Here is a way to use it.

  1. Press the Windows and S keys at once, type cmd, and click Run as administrator to start the Command Prompt with administrator privileges.
  2. Once the User Account Control prompts you, select Yes to continue.
    error 2001-0123
  3. When Command Prompt displays, enter either command into the prompt and hit Enter.
    wmic bios get serialnumber
    wmic csproduct get identifyingnumber

Find the Serial Number on the Motherboard

Find the Serial Number on the Motherboard where Microsoft also prints it on your Windows 11 computer. The number is usually printed on a sticker or label on the motherboard. But it may also be engraved or printed directly on the motherboard itself.

You may check near the CPU or the memory slots, as you may locate the serial number in those areas.

Related FAQs

  1. Where is the serial number on a Lenovo laptop Windows 11?
    Getting it is similar to the methods we expatiated above. You can quickly get it by searching for Command Prompt on your Windows OS and follow the steps above.
  2. Is Windows serial number the product key?
    A product key should differs from a serial number. Know this and avoid confusion. Serial number is associated with hardware while product key gives you access to Windows.
  3. Why is my Windows serial number not showing?
    This may be the case when you do not apply the solutions correctly. Try the solutions again and more patiently this time.
  4. Is device ID the same as serial number?
    Device IDs are stored on the device and differ from hardware serial numbers. The manufacturer assigns the serial numbers to identify a device which is useful for taking inventory.
  5. Is product ID and serial number the same?
    Windows Product ID contains 4 group of 5 chars. Serial number is identifier for type of distributive media, e.g. windows boxes with 1803 and 1809 will have different numbers but all 1803 boxes will have the same number.

In conclusion,  you may need to find your Windows 11 serial number for various essential reasons, such as troubleshooting, product registration, or obtaining support. Gladly, our guide identified simple methods available to locate this crucial information.

Whether you prefer using built-in system settings, command prompt, or third-party tools, you can easily find your Windows 11 serial number and ensure a smooth and seamless experience with your operating system.

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