Fixed: Games blurred out on Steam

We have explored 4 best options in this guide to resolve any blurry game issue


Valve has created a digital distribution platform and storefront for video games called Steam. It has become a leader in the space but a few of our readers have complained that some games are blurred out on Steam.

We have investigated the problem, and our experts have put together some practical solutions we explore in this guide. But let us start with possible triggers.

Why are some of my games blurred out on Steam?

If you’re encountering games on Steam that appear blurry or grayed out, it’s usually an indication that those games aren’t available for purchase or are restricted in your area. There could be several reasons for this:

  • Regional restrictions: Some games have limitations on where they can be played due to licensing agreements, content regulations, or legal reasons. Publishers may decide to restrict the availability of their games to certain countries or regions.
  • Age restrictions: Certain games impose age restrictions based on their content. It might be obscured or unavailable for purchase if you do not meet the required age for a specific game in your area.
  • Unreleased or pre-release games: It is common for game developers to offer pre-purchase or pre-order options for their games before their official release date. During this time, the game may be hidden from view until it becomes available.
  • Steam Family Sharing: If you use Steam Family Sharing, the game library owner may have imposed restrictions on certain games that cannot be shared with others. Consequently, these games will appear blurry or grayed out in your library.
  • Account or store issues: Sometimes, temporary problems with your Steam account or the Steam store may cause games to appear blurry. If this happens, you can try restarting Steam or verifying the integrity of your game files to help fix the issue.

Please note that the reason for games appearing blurred on Steam may vary based on the circumstances. However, you may try the recommended solutions below.

What do I do if some games are blurred out on Steam?

1. Update your steam preference

  1. Log into the Steam store.
  2. Click on your username and select Preferences from the options.
    Games blurred out steam
  3. Tick all the checkboxes highlighted in the image below:
    Games blurred out steam
  4. Lastly, verify that it fixes games blurred out on Steam.

In more than 90% of the cases we have seen, these preferences tweak resolves it. But for some unlikely situations, you may continue to the solutions below.

2. Fix internet issues

You may change to a faster solution if you have an unstable network. Perhaps use a wired connection or change ISP.

If the error is triggered by bad internet the images may finally render properly, but it will take longer and this may be frustrating.

3. Use a VPN

Some restrictions are put on games by the publishers. If such geographical restriction applies to you, we advise using a robust VPN to get full access to the game.

If you cannot access the service, you may read our article detailing solutions for the error sccessing Steam service.

4. Update Steam Family Sharing

Steam has a Steam Family Sharing option. With this, someone may centrally manage the games you have access to.

The library owner may have placed some restrictions. So, you will have to connect them to get the error resolved.

Any of the solutions above should work. Note that the game content is a huge reason for blurred games, and users have complained about it in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Finally, please leave us a note in the comments section below and tell us what fix worked for you.

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