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Google Chrome is not Available on Microsoft Store: What Should You Do?


Core Insights:

  • Google Chrome browser uses its rendering engine instead of the HTML and JavaScript engines provided by Windows 10, violating Microsoft’s store policies.
  • The removed app was not the browser itself but an installer to facilitate the download and installation of Chrome.
  • The removal will unlikely significantly impact Windows users as you can still download Chrome directly from the official Google website.

Fix 1: Install Chrome From Other Sources

Now that Google Chrome is unavailable for download in the Microsoft store, the next best store to download the browser from is the official Google website. This is the only trusted website where you can download the Chrome browser without getting malware or corrupted software.

Use the following steps to complete the installation:

  1. Open any browser on your PC and go to the official Google website.
    Official Google Chrome download Page to get the app since it's not on Microsoft Store
  2. When it opens, click the Download button.
    Chrome Download button to begin download on Google official site, not on Microsoft Store
  3. If the download doesn’t begin immediately, click the download Chrome manually link. The download should start.
    Download Chrome manually when not on Microsoft Store
  4. Once complete, click the downloaded ChromeSetup.exe file from the browser downloads to begin the installation.
    ChromeSetup exe to install Chrome not on Microsoft Store, but from official Google site
  5. Click Install anyway and Yes to confirm if prompted.
  6. Allow the installation to finish, and Chrome will launch automatically afterward.

Updating Chrome Browser After Installation from Other Sources

When Microsoft removed Chrome from its store, it only removed the installer that facilitates the download and installation of the app, not the browser itself. Hence, this removal will unlikely affect you in any major way as the installation is still possible, as seen above.

Chrome updates occur in the background automatically if you download it from the official Google website. This automatic update ensures Chrome keeps your browser secure and up-to-date with the latest features. To achieve this, Chrome does the following:

  • Chrome regularly checks for new updates on Google’s servers.
  • When a new update is available, Chrome downloads it in the background.
  • Once downloaded, Chrome usually needs a restart to implement the update fully.

However, you may check the browser for updates to be sure. These steps may be necessary if you are just curious, want to confirm or download the browser from a source other than the official Google website. To accomplish this, do the following:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac.
    Open Chrome to Chat with Gemini from Chrome Address Bar
  2. Then, click on the More menu (the three vertical dots) at the upper-right corner of the browser window.
  3. Scroll down the More menu, find the Help option, hover over it, and select About Google Chrome.
    About Google Chrome option
  4. Once the About Google Chrome page opens, Chrome will automatically check for updates and begin downloading updates if there is one.
  5. After the update is complete, click Relaunch to finish the update process.
    Chrome Relaunch button
  6. Chrome will close and restart with the latest version installed.
  7. You may then return to About Google Chrome to confirm the latest version installed.
    Update Chrome to Chat with Gemini from Chrome Address Bar

Rarely would you ever need to, but you could also visit the official Google site and click the I want to update Chrome link. Follow the instructions and complete the update.

I want to update Chrome link to update the app not on Microsoft Store

Fix 2: Use an Alternative Browser that is Available on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows machines, and it is an excellent choice with super cool features, including online privacy. But for other alternatives to Chrome, I recommend these few good choices available in the Microsoft Store:

  1. Brave Browser: This browser focuses on privacy and security, blocks ads and trackers by default, and incorporates a built-in rewards system that allows you to earn cryptocurrency for watching privacy-respecting ads.
  2. Opera GX: This browser is your go-to if you are a game lover. It comes with features like a built-in limiter for CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth usage to allow you to enjoy smooth gameplay.
  3. Vivaldi Browser: This browser has extensive customization options, letting you personalize the interface to your needs.
  4. Opera Browser: This browser is popular for its speed and built-in features, such as a VPN and ad blocker. It also offers a clean and user-friendly interface.
  5. Mozilla Firefox: This browser has incredible speed and is highly customizable. It boasts a non-profit fighting to allow more openness, transparency, and control of your online activities.

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