Building an AI-Generated Website With 10Web
Artificial intelligence

How to Create a Professional Website Using AI -No Coding Needed

Use AI to build great websites


Key Takeaways

  • You must understand the website’s goal and have a well-built description since the AI will use these prompts to build your website.
  • While there are a few AI web builders to choose from, we explore the entire process using 10web.

Building an AI-Generated Website With 10Web

While AI has many useful applications, you should follow the steps below to use 10Web to build a free butt professional website.

  1. Firstly, go to to begin.
  2. Next, click on Generate Your Website.
    generate site
  3. On the next page, you will be given three options. Click the Proceed button under Create a new website with AI.
    create new website
  4. Select your type of business and click on Next.
    choose your business
  5. On the next page, enter your preferred language, input the name of your store, give a short description of your business, and choose whether you have a domain for the website or not( a domain is an easy-to-remember name that can be used to access a website), then click Next.
    describe your business
  6. Modify the products and services on the next page to fit your business needs, then click on Finalize.
    click on finalize
  7. To continue, you will need to sign up. You can sign up with your Google account or via your Email address.
    sign up
  8. Once you sign up, your website will be created. When it is ready, you will receive a Congrats pop-up. You can then click on Preview & Edit.
    preview and edit
  9. Your website is ready.
  10. You can make some quick edits by clicking on the widgets on the right. Clicking on the first widget (diamond-shaped icon) will ask you to subscribe to a plan to use advanced features.
    first widget
  11. The second option will allow you to make quick changes to the color of your website.
    second widget
  12. When you click on the third widget (pencil icon), you will get advanced editing options. However, most of these options would only be available when you subscribe to a plan.
    third widget
  13. There is a 7-day free trial, and if you do not like the software, you can unsubscribe without charge within the trial period.

Can I Convert Any Website to a WordPress Website With AI?

Yes, you can convert any website to a WordPress website using AI; however, there are some limitations. These include:

  • Partial Conversion: AI cannot perfectly replicate A complex WordPress website. Basic structure, content, and picture handling are usually covered, but you may need to adjust menus, layouts, and functionality manually.
  • Limited Design Control: Unlike when you build a website from scratch in WordPress, AI may provide some design options, but not as much as you want or need.
  • Functionality Gaps: Complex functionality, such as membership systems, custom plugins, and e-commerce features, may be beyond AI’s capabilities. These could require more effort or specially written code.


Will AI Generate All My Business Website’s Content for Me?

Yes, but using AI to generate content for your business website is a great starting point; it should not be the final result. The best strategy is human-AI collaboration. This includes using AI to brainstorm content ideas, create outlines, or prepare initial drafts, then bringing humans to edit, refine, and add the brand voice and emotional resonance.

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