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How to Create Unique Presentations Using AI

Easily create unique presentations using AI



  • Gamma is the software covered in this guide. It offers a free account to create up to 10 cards/slides with unlimited gammas and users.
  • This tool comes with various pre-made templates that help to jumpstart your projects.

How to Use Gamma AI to Create Unique Presentations

  1. Firstly, head to to begin the process.
  2. Once you are on the app, click on Sign up for free.
    sign up
  3. Thirdly, sign up using your Google account or Email address.
    Enter your account
  4. Next, you need to create your workspace.
    create workspace
  5. Choose how you intend to use the software, fill out the necessary information, and click Get Started.
    get started
  6. Click on Generate (the middle option) to continue.
  7. Next, click the Presentation option, and describe what you want to create in the text box. There are also examples of topics you might want to write about.
  8. You can also choose the number of cards you want to create. Ten is the maximum number you can select for a free account.
    select the number of cards
  9. Once you are done, click on Generate outline.
    generate outline
  10. After clicking on this button, you will get an outline of how your presentation will be structured.
  11. You can also edit how your presentation will turn out by scrolling down to Settings. We recommend sticking to the default settings on your first try, except if you have specific needs, then click on Continue.
    tweak settings
  12. Next, you will see a preview of the theme used for your presentation. You can change it by selecting the options on the right side. Once you are done, click on Generate.
    select theme
  13. Finally, the software will automatically create your presentation.
    final presentation
  14. You can edit your presentation by using either the AI or Manual editors.
    AI editor
  15. You can also present your work by clicking on the Present button at the top of your screen.
  16. To exit Present mode, move your cursor to the top of your screen, and you will see the Exit option.
  17. You can share your presentation with others by clicking on the Share option.
  18. Navigate to the Share tab, select Copy link, and click Done. Anyone with the link can view your representation.
    copy link
  19. Finally, if you want to export the presentation to your desktop, select Share.
  20. Navigate to the Export tab, then you can choose to download the presentation as a PDF file or a PowerPoint slide.
    export file

Tip: You might also consider using AI to create unique logos to use with your new presentation.

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