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How to Fix the Credentials Supplied Are Not Sufficient on Windows 11

Resolving Credential Challenges: Troubleshooting 'Credentials Supplied Are Not Sufficient' on Windows 11


The credentials error occurs when users attempt to access resources like a shared printer or a network driver, but the ones supplied are not sufficient to grant the necessary permissions. A user may instead receive repeated prompts for the credentials without success.

Some users complain about issues related to installing printers from a workgroup print server on local workstations. To them, Windows 10 computers seem to work fine 99% of the time compared to their Windows 11 counterparts. Incorrect credentials, insufficient permissions, account restrictions, or network issues are usually responsible.

Quick Solutions

  • A simple restart can sometimes resolve temporary glitches or issues causing the error.
  •  Double-check and ensure that the username and password are correct.
  •  Confirm that the user account has the required permissions to access the resource.
  •  Check your PC for any account restrictions. Contact the system administrator to modify account restrictions if necessary.
  •  The network is a crucial part of mitigating this error. Ensure your network is functioning correctly and that the resource is available online.
  •  Clear the cached credentials and try entering the correct credentials again.

1. Fix Credentials Supplied are not Sufficient using the lusrmgr tool

The Local Users and Groups snap-in, AKA lusrmgr.msc, is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) tool that enables administrators to manage local user accounts and groups on a Windows computer. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating, deleting, and modifying user accounts and groups, as well as managing their properties and permissions.

The tool is particularly useful in troubleshooting credential errors that arise when the supplied ones are not sufficient due to incorrect user account restrictions or permissions. By granting the account the appropriate access to the resource, the tool can help resolve such errors. Here is how to use it:

  1. Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to launch the Run dialog, enter lusrmgr.msc, and hit Enter.
    Credentials Supplied Are Not Sufficient
  2. Then, click Users on the left, right-click the space on the right, and select New user on the context menu.
    Credentials Supplied Are Not Sufficient
  3. Create a User name for the local user, Full name, and Description, then create a password you can easily remember and click Create.
    Credentials Supplied Are Not Sufficient
  4. Once done, open the Control Panel on the Windows 11 PC you are trying to print from and select User Accounts.
    Credentials Supplied Are Not Sufficient
  5. When the User Accounts window opens, click Manage your credentials on the left pane.
    Credentials Supplied Are Not Sufficient
  6. Then, click Windows Credentials and select Add Windows Credential.
  7. Finally, fill out the various fields (server name, user name, password) and click OK.

2. Check the file or document permissions

Checking the file or document permissions involves verifying that you have the correct permissions to access and modify the file or document. This fix helps with troubleshooting, like when the credentials supplied are not sufficient.

To check for a file or document permission in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file location, right-click the file, and click Properties.
    Missing Right-click Print Windows
  2. Then, open the Security tab.
    Missing Right-click Print Windows
  3. When in the tab, check if you have the Read & execute and Write permissions.
    Missing Right-click Print Windows
  4. If you have those permissions, you should be able to print. Otherwise, you do not have the required permission. We recommend contacting the owner of the file or document.

In conclusion, we provided effective solutions to tackle common issues with credentials supplied that are not sufficient on Windows 11. Encountering this error can bring confusion, but with the insights and troubleshooting steps provided here, you can navigate and conquer the problem.

However, we recommend contacting your IT support team or the resource owner for further assistance if the issue persists after attempting the above solutions. They may need to investigate the matter further to identify the specific cause of the error and provide a solution.

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