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How to Make Studio Quality Audio with AI

Easy way to create great audio recordings using AI


Key Takeaways:

  • Most audio you record will include noise and may sometimes crackle with static. You will often need professional tools to clean it up.
  • With an AI tool like, we show you how to prep your audio for free.

Create Studio Quality Audio With

  1. Navigate to official website, and click on the Get Started button to begin.
  2. Next, create an account using your Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. You can also enter your Email and Password and click the Create Account button.
    create account
  3. Once you are in, you must input some information to get started. Once you are done, click on Continue.
    click on continue
  4. After filling out all the prompts, you will be brought to your Workspace, where you can create quality audio with AI.
    personal workspace
  5. To begin recording, click the Create button, and select Recording.
    create recording
  6. On the next page, give your recording a name, choose whether you want to record only Audio or with Video, then click Next.
    Name your recording
  7. Add a Title, choose whether or not you are using a headphone, then click on Join studio.
    join studio
  8. You can copy the link to your podcast and share it with others, or choose to invite people by email. Click on Record to start your podcast.
    begin your podcast
  9. Once you are done, click the Stop button.
    stop recording
  10. Next, click on the Edit button at the top to make changes to your recording.
    edit your recording
  11. You can make any changes you want in your recording.
    make changes
  12. After making any necessary changes, click on the Export option at the top right corner, select a file Format, choose the file Quality, and click the Export file button.
    export file
  13. Once your file is ready, click on the Download option to get it.
    download file

Can AI Increase Audio Quality?

Yes, AI can greatly improve audio quality in several ways. Some of them include:

  • Noise reduction: Unwanted background noise, such as the hum of air conditioning, traffic sounds, or people talking, can be successfully eliminated by AI algorithms. This can greatly enhance the musical or spoken word clarity.
  • Speech enhancement: AI-powered speech enhancement is the ability to pick out and amplify particular sounds, such as a speaker’s voice in a noisy setting. This can help to clarify and simplify discourse.
  • Audio upscaling: AI upscales low-quality audio files by filling in missing information and enhancing overall fidelity. This is especially useful for fixing ancient recordings or grainy audio from videos.
  • Audio Restoration: AI tools actively fix recordings plagued by pops, clicks, and other audio flaws, making them ideal for repairing damaged audio files or restoring vintage vinyl records.
  • Sound balancing: AI is capable of analyzing and modifying an audio file’s frequency balance to produce a more harmonious and enjoyable listening experience.

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