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How to Rotate Ruler in Snip and Sketch: Easy Way

Activating the scroll inactive Windows feature should help you achieve this


Rotating the ruler in Snip and Sketch is a common problem for many users. The Snip and Sketch editing feature preinstalled in Windows 10 provides a very convenient way to capture and annotate your screen captures.

However, regardless of the benefits of this tool, many users find it difficult to rotate the ruler to align it with various angles and orientations. This article will guide you through the steps to accomplish this task.

What is the Snip and Sketch tool?

The Microsoft Windows Snipping Tool is replaced by Snip and Sketch, which allows you to take screenshots of either a portion of the entire computer or the entire screen.

You can choose between four screenshot options when cutting out specific portions of your screen in Snip & Sketch. These options include the Freeform snip, Rectangular snip, Window snip, and Full-screen snip.

Additionally, you can use the app to edit screenshots you’ve captured using the tool’s various features. Given its straightforward user interface, it is also fairly simple to use.

How do you rotate ruler in Snip and Sketch?

  1. Type scroll in the search bar and select Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them.
    how to rotate ruler in snip and sketch
  2. Enable the toggle under the Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them option.
  3. Once the toggle is enabled, hold the Windows + Shift + S simultaneously to open the Snip and Sketch tool.
  4. Select a screenshot option of your choice.
    how to rotate ruler in snip and sketch
  5. Next, take a screenshot of the required document, click the ruler icon at the top then use the scroll wheel on your mouse to rotate the ruler. If you use the touchpad, place the mouse pointer over the ruler, then use two fingers to scroll up or down.
    how to rotate ruler in snip and sketch
  6. This should enable you to rotate the ruler.

In conclusion, following the steps listed above should help you be able to rotate the ruler in Snip and Sketch. Ensure to follow the steps described in this article to get the best result.

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