Microsoft PC Manager Review: Is the Tool Worth It?

A detailed review on the Microsoft PC manager application


You have probably heard of the new Microsoft PC Manager and would like to get a review of it. This feature is the latest addition that Microsoft made and it is now available for download in the Beta version. If you are keen on keeping your computer system tidy and clean, I am very sure you would like to know more about this feature.

With just a few clicks, the PC Manager can speed up and clean up your computer, erasing cache files and ending background processes. Although it’s not a replacement for antivirus software, it also claims to be able to detect issues with your system, such as viruses, malware, and other security dangers.

Some Important Features of PC Manager

1. Disk Space Management

You can clear up disk space by eliminating outdated files, uninstalling unwanted programs, and compressing files with the aid of PC Manager’s Disk space management tool.

Old files are files that you no longer require, such as backups or files from earlier Windows installations. File size reduction by compression can also result in disk space being made available.
microsoft pc manager review

2. System Security

The utility runs a thorough malware check on important system locations, startup applications, browser extensions, commonly used apps, background services, hardware drivers, and other arbitrary processes when you click the scan button.

When the scan is finished, an interface is provided that lists every site that was scanned along with the related scan findings. We scanned a 1TB drive for this Microsoft PC Manager evaluation, which took 25 minutes to complete. Note that the tool does the scan using the Windows Defender that is already installed.

3. Update Management

You can keep your PC updated with the most recent software updates, which can enhance security and performance, with the aid of PC Manager’s Updates tool. Security patches are frequently included in software updates, which can assist in shielding your PC against flaws. They may also feature performance upgrades that will speed up the operation of your PC.

The PC Manager provides a more user-friendly method than the standard update using Windows Settings. You will be given options for updating components with only one click.
microsoft pc manager review

4. Startup App Management

This feature functions similarly to the Task Manager’s startup app manager. Your computer’s apps are all shown, and you may choose which ones to start the system with upon launch.
microsoft pc manager review

5. Process Management

This function is comparable to the classic Windows Task Manager feature that displays a list of all currently executing programs. With a single button click, you can terminate any apps you no longer require.

Final Thoughts

We have finally come to the end of this review. As discussed in this article, the Microsoft PC manager performs a variety of activities and simplifies the management of some security operations and everyday tasks.

To avoid putting your computer at risk of infection, you must download PC Manager from the official site. If you want to verify that the PC manager you downloaded is legitimate, run an anti-virus scan.

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