Micorosft PC Manager vs IObit

Microsoft PC Manager vs. IObit Advanced SystemCare

Some of the features available in Microsoft PC Manager and IObit Advanced SystemCare



  • If you are a casual user looking for free software that does not need too many advanced features, then Microsoft PC Manager is the best choice.
  • However, IObit Advanced SystemCare is a better option if you are a heavy user who needs advanced features.
  • Microsoft PC Manager is your best bet if you are concerned about bloatware and potential system instability.


Basic Cleanup and Optimization

Microsoft PC Manager

System maintenance tools offer functionalities like System Junk Cleaning, which identifies and eliminates temporary files, leftover data, and extra files to free up storage space, Storage Management, which analyzes your storage usage and helps you locate large files or folders for deletion or relocation, and Startup Optimization, which manages startup programs to optimize boot time by disabling programs that aren’t needed at startup.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

This software’s system maintenance includes several tools to keep your computer running smoothly. System junk cleaning identifies and eliminates temporary files, leftover data, and other unnecessary files that accumulate over time, freeing up storage space.

Startup optimization tackles boot times by managing startup programs, ensuring only essential programs launch when you turn on your computer. For storage management, massive file management helps you locate and organize large files that might be taking up unnecessary space.

Finally, advanced disk cleanup options provide more experienced users with fine-grained control over exactly which files are deleted during a cleanup process.


Microsoft PC Manager


For basic system security, Windows PC Manager offers two key functionalities: it activates Windows Defender, your operating system’s built-in antivirus program, and helps you configure essential firewall settings, giving you a foundation for protecting your PC.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

While the free version provides some protection by updating outdated software to a limited extent, IObit Advanced SystemCare’s Pro version offers real-time defense against viruses and other online threats for comprehensive system security.


Microsoft PC Manager

This tool offers a one-click solution to optimize your system’s performance. It combines the benefits of the previously mentioned features, system cleanup, and startup optimization into a single, rapid process. This makes improving your computer’s speed easy without needing to delve into complex settings.

App Management lets you manage your startup applications and uninstall programs for even more control. You can decide which programs launch automatically when you turn on your computer, preventing unnecessary programs from slowing down your boot time.

Additionally, App Management helps you free up storage space by allowing you to uninstall applications you no longer use easily.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Driver Booster tackles a common computer issue: outdated device drivers. It scans your system and updates these drivers to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your hardware. It also comes with an Internet Booster that analyzes your internet configuration and helps you optimize settings for a smoother and faster browsing experience.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate Game Booster. This feature optimizes your system’s capabilities to deliver a more enjoyable and lag-free gaming experience. You will also have access to a central hub to monitor and manage all the programs currently running on your computer, allowing you to identify and potentially terminate any processes that might consume unnecessary resources.

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