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MPV Keyboard Shortcuts: Our Ultimate List

Master Your MPV Keyboard Shortcuts Today!


MPV Keyboard Shortcuts are beneficial in controlling your media player and make playing media files easier and more enjoyable. With this ultimate list of MPV keyboard shortcuts, you can find the most frequently used command combinations that give you efficient control over your media player in an understandable format.

This comprehensive list covers different control aspects, including navigation, playback settings, and video settings, and should help you master the MPV media player in no time. Follow this list to see the complete list of the shortcuts.

Complete List of MPV keyboard shortcuts.

1. Time Seeking

Left arrowGo backwards by 5 seconds
Right arrowGo forward by 5 seconds
Down arrowSeek backward by 1 minute
Up arrowSeek forward by 1 minute
ctrl + Left arrowGo backward to the previous subtitle
ctrl + Right arrowGo forward to the next subtitle
shift + pg upSeek forward 10 minutes
shift + pg dnSeek backward 10 minutes
pg upGo to the beginning of the next chapter
pg dnGo to the beginning of the previous chapter

2. Playback Controls

[Slow down media playback by 10%
]Speed up media playback by 10%
shift + [Reduce playback speed by 50%
shift + ]Raise playback speed by 50%
LSet the current position as a playback loop
shift + LSet an infinite loop between two marked points
backspaceTake a screenshot of the video frame without subtitles
/ or 9Turn down the media volume by 1 point
* or 0Raise the media volume by 1 point
MMute media sound
shift + `Navigate between the available media video
shift + STake a screenshot of the current player window
STake a screenshot of video frame without subtitles
shift + 3Navigate between the available media audio
ctrl + STake screenshot of the current player window
ctrl +Increase audio delay by 100 ms
ctrl Decrease audio delay by 100 ms

3. Subtitle Handling

VToggle subtitle On or Off
shift + JChoose the previous available subtitle file
JChoose the next available subtitle file
ctrl + shift + LeftSynchronize timing to the next subtitle
ctrl + shift + RightSynchronize timing to next subtitle
TMove subtitles down
RMove subtitles up
XDecrease the subtitle delay
ZIncrease the subtitle delay
shift+ GIncrease the subtitle font by 10%
shift + FDecrease the subtitle font by 10%
USwitch the active subtitle to a compatible SubStation Alpha format

4. Player handling MPV keyboard shortcuts

>Skip to the next file on the playlist
<Set the player on top of other windows
`Pause the file and show the previous frame
.Pause the file and display the next frame
P or SpacePause/play function
FActivate full-screen mode
EscDeactivate full-screen mode
TShow the current progress bar.
O or shift + PShow current progress bar.
I or shift + IShow file technical details on the screen
QStop media and exit the player
shift + QStop media, save playback position, then exit the player

5. Picture handling MPV keyboard shortcuts

DToggle the real-time video deinterlacer
shift + AMove the picture window upwards
1Decrease video contrast
2Increase video contrast
3Decrease video brightness
4Increase video brightness
5Decrease video gamma
6Increase video gamma
7Decrease video saturation
8Increase video saturation
ctrl + HActivate Hardware Decoding Support
shift + WIncrease the media picture cropping
WDecrease the media picture cropping
Alt + Up ArrowMove the picture window downwards
Alt + Down ArrowMove the picture window to the left
Alt + Left ArrowMove the picture window to the right
Alt + Right ArrowRestore the original position and zoom the picture
Alt +Zoom into the media
Alt Zoom out of the media
Alt + backspaceRestore the original position and zoom of the picture

In the final analysis, mastering MPV keyboard shortcuts can help you become a more efficient and well-rounded multimedia player. With little practice and patience, you can quickly become an expert at using these shortcuts to streamline your media playback.

These shortcuts can help you conveniently access advanced playback controls, take screenshots, and navigate faster—all from the comfort of your keyboard. With this ultimate list of MPV keyboard shortcuts, you can now customize your MPV experience and have more control over your media playback.

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