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Top 2 Ways to Open SDR Files on Windows

Comprehensive guide on how to open SDR files


Starting a creative and collaborative journey frequently requires utilizing efficient tools like SmartDraw, a flexible program that makes it possible to create diagrams and drawings that are visually striking. However, do not panic if you’ve run into trouble trying to open SDR Files on your Windows computer.

This post will review the top methods for opening and using your SDR files to their fullest. These solutions will enable you to easily access your files, guaranteeing a smooth experience in your creative pursuits, regardless of your familiarity with SmartDraw.

What Is an SDR File?

An SDR file is a diagram produced with the professional diagramming application called SmartDraw. It is the native file format used to store drawings created with the application. Text, shapes, connecting lines, and images can all be found within the diagram drawing that is stored there.

Flowcharts, project plans, calendars, organizational charts, mind maps, and floor plans are just a few of the 70 various types of drawings that can be saved in SDR files.

How to Open an SDR File

1. Make Use of the Import Function in SmartDraw

Using SmartDraw’s import feature is an extremely effective way to open SDR files without any issues. Because of its flexibility and compatibility with multiple file formats, SmartDraw’s import feature makes it simple to add external content to the platform. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this feature.

  1. Navigate to the SmartDraw website.
  2. Next, sign into the web version of the application.
  3. Look for the Import section on the left tab, then select SmartDraw File.
    Open SDR Files Windows
  4. Click the Choose Files button.
    Open SDR Files Windows
  5. Pick the .SDR file you want to access and click Open.
  6. Next, click on the Import Selected Files button to open the file.
    Open SDR Files Windows

2. Make Use of a Universal File Opener

If your job involves working with files of different formats, then using a universal file opener is your best bet. A universal file opener serves as a versatile intermediary, understanding and translating a wide range of file types, including the unique characteristics of SDR files.

Using such a program, you can get around compatibility issues and easily access your SmartDraw drawings. This method offers a consistent and user-friendly interface across several operating systems by doing away with the requirement for platform-specific solutions. These are the recommended universal file openers you can try out today.

Final Thoughts

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to easily open SDR files on your Windows device. If you have further questions or need more clarification, reach out to us via the comment section below.

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