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What to Do After Your PayPal Account Is Permanently Limited


Key Takeaways:

  • In most cases, your most realistic option is to wait 180 days for a PayPal email.
  • You may appeal the account limitation by contacting PayPal support.

Fix 1: Contact PayPal Support 

Contact PayPal Support if PayPal account is permanently limited

Contacting PayPal Support is usually the first step to take to try and resolve the issue and understanding the reason for the account limitation which may be an agreement violation.

Sometimes, contacting Support can result in PayPal reinstating your account if the limitation was due to a misconception or an error. However, there isn’t a guarantee that all your requests will be successful, especially for serious violations of PayPal’s user agreement.

Understanding the reason for the limitation can help you avoid similar problems in the future. Note that reaching Support can be time-consuming, requiring you to wait on hold or exchange emails with representatives.

Fix 2: Appeal the Account Limitation

Contact PayPal Support to appeal if PayPal account is permanently limited

Although contacting support is a vital first step, appealing the limitation directly presents a possibility to potentially regain access. If you are confident that the limitation is a mistake, an appeal gives you the opportunity to explain your case to PayPal. You can submit documents or proofs to support your response and demonstrate your adherence to PayPal’s user agreement.

Appealing the decision is possible with Support’s guide, depending on why you have the limitation.
For an unsuccessful or impossible appeal, like if your PayPal account is permanently banned, Support can help you properly close your account, ensuring any remaining funds are transferred to your bank account.

Be aware that appealing can take time, requiring you to gather evidence and wait as PayPal reviews them.
Note that some appeals are successful and others are not, depending on the severity of PayPal’s user agreement violation. Also, communication from PayPal during the appeal process might be limited.

Wait 180 Days for PayPal to Contact You

Waiting 180 days can sometimes be a viable action for a permanently limited PayPal account, even though it is not necessarily the most effective strategy. Sometimes, PayPal might keep your account on hold for 180 days to investigate potential fraudulent activity or security risks.

After this waiting period, they might automatically review the account and potentially lift the limitation if no further issues are found. On the upside, this waiting requires no active effort on your part. You just wait for the 180-day period to elapse and hope there will be a positive development.

However, there’s no guarantee that PayPal will automatically review your account after 180 days, leading to a hold on funds and preventing you from appealing the limitation promptly, potentially reducing your chance of regaining access and leading to a permanent PayPal limitation.

There is limited information on this fix as PayPal doesn’t explicitly state that they automatically review accounts after 180 days. But community forums and user experiences suggests this. Appealing the account limitation or contacting support remains a more proactive approach with potentially better outcomes.

Fix 4: Withdraw Funds After Waiting Period

If PayPal automatically reviews the account and lifts the limitation after waiting for 180 days, withdraw your funds immediately. Do this to retrieve any money held within your limited account. If you don’t plan to appeal the limitation and simply want to access your funds, withdrawal can be a way to close the account.

This solution helps you regain access to your funds, even if the PayPal account remains limited. Once withdrawn, you may transfer the money to your bank account.

Withdrawing funds might commence the account closure process, depending on your remaining account activity. While you can withdraw funds, your account stays limited, and you can’t use it for future transactions.

How to Avoid Being Permanently Limited on PayPal Account

  • Confirm that your name, address, and other details correspond to your official documents and are verified by PayPal.
  • Connect your PayPal account to a trusted bank account or debit card. Avoid suspicious transactions, like sudden large fund transfers or activity in high-risk countries.
  • Maintain transparent transaction records, especially for business accounts.
  • Familiarize yourself with PayPal’s policies and user agreements to avoid unintended infractions.
  • Avoid excessive chargebacks from customers, which can trigger limitations.
  • Avoid selling forbidden items.
  • Keep transparent communication with buyers throughout transactions.
  • If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, report it to PayPal instantly to protect your account and funds.
  • Avoid having multiple PayPal accounts, as it can be seen as suspicious.

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