Plex Keyboard Shortcuts: The Complete Cheat Sheet

In this guide we showcase the ultimate shortcuts for the best Plex experience


To help you get the most out of your Plex experience, there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts with which you can quickly navigate around the application. If you’re a streaming media services fan, you may already be familiar with Plex.

This complete shortcut cheat sheet covers all the essential shortcuts to save time and simplify your life. With these shortcuts, you can launch your favorite sections faster, navigate Plex like a pro, and much more.

Complete List of Plex keyboard shortcuts

1. Navigation

G then DGo to the dashboard
G then HGo to plex home
G then JNavigate to Manage Library Access
G then SNavigate to Settings
G then UGo to Plex Home
Left ArrowMove left
Right ArrowMove right.
Up ArrowMove up
Down ArrowMove down
/Start a search

2. Navigation

Enter or SpaceSelect item
Esc or BackspaceGo back
CStart Context Menu
HGo to the home screen
PBegin playback of a selected item
WToggle between play and unplay mode
QPerform the add-to up next task
\Switch between Window and Full-screen mode
shift + A to ZGo to items beginning with a specific letter
Window + Down arrowMinimize Plex
shift + F11Enter/Exit full-screen mode
alt + F4 or ctrl + QQuit Plex app

3. Playback shortcut function

BGo back
EEdit Metadata
F or \Alternate to full-screen mode
H or TabStop playback and go back to the home screen
IDisplay playback info
MStart the on-screen menu
ODisplay the progress bar
P or SpacePause/play
XStop playback
ZAlternate through aspect ratios and view modes
EnterOpen the access menu

4. Playback control function

Left arrowSeek backward 10 secs
Right arrowSeek forward 10 seconds
Up ArrowSkip forward 10 mins
Down arrowSkip backward 10 mins
Right arrow + .Go to the next track
Left arrow + ,Go to the previous track
shift + Left arrowSkip to the previous item
shift + Right arrowSkip to the next item

5. Audio Plex keyboard shortcuts

Up ArrowRaise the volume
Down ArrowReduce the volume
AMove to the next audio track
Ctrl + AGo back to the previous audio track
Alt + AIncrease audio delay
Alt + shift + AReduce audio delay

6. Subtitle Plex keyboard shortcuts

Alt + SIncrease subtitle delay
Alt + Shift + SDecrease subtitle delay
SActivate or deactivate subtitles
LAlternate to the next subtitles
Ctrl + LAlternate to the previous subtitle

7. Other important Plex keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + RReload the Plex app
Ctrl + Shift + DDisplay debug information
?Display all keyboard shortcuts

In conclusion, the Plex Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet provides an invaluable resource to users looking to speed up their workflow. With these shortcuts, users can easily navigate the Plex interface and take advantage of all the amazing features Plex has to offer.

With fast, intuitive control through keyboard commands, Plex users can save time and productivity while exploring the possibilities of an amazing media center. Contact Plex support for further inquiries. We appreciate your feedback! It helps us understand what works well for you and what could be improved.

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