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Ring of Oath in Elden Ring: Location & True Name

We explore the the Dark Moon Ring often reffered to as the Rng of Oath


You must be at the Lake of Rot underground region in Elden Ring and need the Ring of Oath to pass through. This is an impossible find because the ring does not exist. What you actually mean to find is the Dark Moon Ring; this guide gives you all the information you need.

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What is the Elden Ring Ring of Oath?

The Dark Moon Ring, or the Ring of Oath, is essential in the game. It is crucial if you are to complete Ranni’s quest. The Dark Moon Ring is to be used in the cathedral of Manus Celas on Ranni’s body to complete her quest.

In Elden Ring, key items are specific elements found at strategic locations or given away by inhabitants your encounter along the journey. These items are used for unlocking quests and areas and will permit your progress into the game.

Why can’t I get the Dark Moon Ring?

There are a few things you must do before getting the ring. For instance, you must have unlocked and progressed reasonably into the Eternal City of Nokron. If you do not fulfill the requirements, you will not get it.

How do I get the Ring of Oath in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, here is all you should do to obtain the Dark Moon Ring or Ring of Oath :

1. Defeat Radhan

This is your key to unlocking Nokron. He is the biggest obstacle in Caelid. His defeat unleashes a huge falling star that creates a crater in Limgrave. It is through the crater you may enter the Eternal City.

2. Get the Fingerslayer Blade

This blade is gotten at the end of Nokron and must be presented to Ranni. This is how you access the portal of Renna’s Rise leading to Ainsel River Main.

3. Kill the Baleful Shadow

The Baleful Shadow is in Nokstella. It may be very challenging, but this depends on your level and the build you aim for. However, this boss is weak to freeze, so frost attacks may make the challenge much easier. Your victory earns you the Discarded Palace Key.

4. Unlock the chest

Head to the boss room where you encountered Renala in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, and unlock the locked chest to receive the Dark Moon Ring.

ring of oath Elden Ring

And that is it. You now have successfully obtained the Ring of Oath in Elden Ring. A few players get stuck at this stage, but this guide should have made it easier for you. Lastly, we have the perfect guide for you if you are curious about Vitality in Elden Ring.

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