Spacetop G1 Screenless Laptop

Spacetop G1: Should You Get the Screenless Laptop?


Main Insights:

  • The Spacetop G1 screenless laptop design helps computer users, particularly business travelers, to get a private laptop experience with a large display only they can see.
  • At $1,900, interested users can get the Spacetop G1 screenless laptop.
  • The laptop has a pair of tethered thin AR glasses that replace the traditional display to create a virtual monitor.

What is this Screenless Laptop?

The Spacetop G1 screenless laptop is a special laptop that uses augmented reality (AR) glasses instead of traditional screens to create a virtual workspace equivalent to a 100-inch display. It was produced by Slightful.

The laptop maintains a keyboard and touchpad for laptop functionality but in an AR format. It offers a fascinating preview of a future without screens!


1. AR Technology

Spacetop G1 Screenless Laptop: AR Technology

The AR technology in the Spacetop G1 is its most distinctive feature. It offers the following features to make it unique:

  • Virtual Display: The Spacetop G1 uses AR glasses to cast a virtual workspace before you, replacing a regular screen. Like a 100-inch screen, the virtual display provides a bigger work area than a laptop screen.
  • Interaction: It enables seamless interaction with digital content and apps, adjusting to your movements and gestures.web
  • Immersive Experience: AR technology improves computing by fusing virtual and physical worlds, creating an interactive and intuitive experience.
  • Privacy: Since the display is only visible to the wearer, it offers privacy in crowded spaces. Others cannot see what you’re working on.

2. Hardware Design

Spacetop G1 Screenless Laptop: Hardware Design

The Spacetop G1’s hardware design tilts away from the traditional laptop mold to enhance its AR functionality. The following gives you a closer look:

  • Compact and Lightweight: The lack of a physical screen makes the Spacetop G1 significantly lighter and more portable than traditional laptops, especially with the effective 100-inch virtual display.
  • Base Unit: The main unit contains vital parts like processor, memory, storage, and battery, with a keyboard, trackpad, ports, and OLED display for basic functions.
  • Keyboard: Spacetop G1 includes a full-sized 79-key keyboard to ensure a typing experience familiar to users familiar with conventional laptops.
  • Trackpad: The Spacetop G1 screenless laptop includes a multi-touch trackpad for navigation and gesture control within the virtual workspace.
  • Ports: The incorporated USB-C ports help with charging, connecting peripherals, and other connecting options.
  • AR Glasses: These glasses are custom-made by Xreal and are critical to the AR experience.
  • Refresh Rate: The 90Hz refresh rate targets the minimization of motion blur for a smoother viewing experience.
  • Materials: The body was made with magnesium with a hard cover for balancing durability and weight. The hardcover helps to protect the AR glasses when stored within the base unit.
  • Prescription Lenses: The AR glasses incorporate magnetic prescription lenses for users with eyesight issues.

3. Computer Specs

Spacetop G1 Screenless Laptop: Computer Specs

The Spacetop G1 screenless laptop boasts impressive technical specifications such as the following:

  • CPU and GPU: The Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 processor powers the Spacetop G1 with an Adreno 740 GPU, combining to ensure efficient performance for several tasks.
  • Memory: It also features 16GB LPDDR5 RAM for smooth multitasking and responsiveness.
  • Storage: The base model incorporates 128GB storage with upgrade options available. The operating system consumes some of this space, leaving about 102GB of usable storage.

4. Operating System

Spacetop G1 Screenless Laptop: Operating System

The Spacetop G1 screenless laptop runs on SpaceOS, a unique OS developed by Sightful. Unlike standard Windows OS or macOS, SpaceOS thrives in 3D space and provides gesture-driven navigation. It’s a minimalistic spatial OS similar to a specialized Android version projected onto your sight.

5. Connectivity

Spacetop G1 Screenless Laptop: Connectivity

The Spacetop G1 computer caters to efficient connectivity needs using the following features:

  • 5G/LTE NR Sub-6: This modem enables high-speed cellular data connectivity when Wi-Fi isn’t available.
  • Wi-Fi 7: Spacetop G1 includes the latest Wi-Fi standard, ensuring super-fast and reliable wireless connections.
  • Bluetooth 5.3: This version provides efficient pairing and data transfer with other computers or peripheral devices.

6. Webcam and Microphone

Webcam and Microphone

The Spacetop G1 computer also caters to efficient communication and image and video needs using the following features:

  • Webcam: It boasts a built-in 5MP front-facing 2560×1920 webcam for better image quality than typical laptop webcams and good quality for video calls.
  • Microphone: The Spacetop G1 has built-in microphones with noise cancellation technology to reduce background noise and ensure clear voice transmission during calls, highlighting its focus on effective communication in any environment.

7. Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Reader

The built-in fingerprint reader of the Spacetop G1 screenless laptop is positioned strategically for secure authentication. It allows placing your finger on the sensor to unlock the laptop or access specific features instead of typing passwords.

It is quick, convenient, and saves time compared to traditional password entry methods.

8. Headset


The Spacetop G1 integrates lightweight Xreal AR glasses attached via a cable. The glasses feature two OLED display panels, each with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels per eye, and they offer a 50° diagonal field of view. Additionally, it has a slim, portable design, weighing just 3.08 pounds.

9. Battery Life

Battery Life

The Spacetop G1 boasts an 8-hour battery life on a single charge. The included 63W USB-C charger allows rapid charging. However, constantly projecting the virtual display will dissipate more power than a standard laptop screen, limiting the actual usable battery life due to usage patterns.

For instance, high-powered activities like gaming or video editing will likely drain the battery faster than basic tasks like web browsing. You may need to consider your workload, adjust brightness settings, take breaks to optimize battery life or connect to a physical monitor via USB-C to extend battery life.


Spacetop G1 Screenless Laptop: Pricing

The Spacetop G1 has a premium price tag of $1,900. Sightful offers a fully refundable reserve cost of $100. The Spacetop G1 is more pricey than most laptops because of its unique features compared to traditional laptops.

High-end traditional laptops with powerful processors and large screens can also reach similar costs.

Pros and Cons

Unique and immersive computing experienceLearning curve concerns
Large virtual display (equivalent to 100-inch screen)New technology with potential limitations and bugs
Privacy in public spacesLimited use cases
Lightweight and compactHigh cost potentially limiting accessibility
Comfortable and ergonomic designNot all software applications might be optimized for AR
Fast charging capabilitiesBattery life might be limited compared to traditional laptops
Appeals to early adopters and tech enthusiastsTotal dependency on glasses
No prolonged screen exposureOnly two USB-C ports for connectivity
Requires managing workload for optimal battery life

How Does it Compare to Conventional Laptops?

FeatureSpacetop G1Conventional Laptop
Display TypeAR Glasses (Virtual Display)Physical Screen
Display SizeUp to 100-inch equivalent virtual displayVaries (typically 13-17 inches)
ErgonomicsPotentially more comfortable due to adjustable virtual display positioningCan cause neck and eye strain from looking down at the screen for extended periods
PortabilityLightweight and compactVaries by model
PrivacyIt can cause neck and eye strain from looking down at the screen for extended periodsLower privacy – anyone nearby can see what’s on the screen
Battery LifeUp to 8 hours are advertised, which may vary depending on usageUp to 8-12 hours typical, depending on usage and screen brightness
Content CompatibilityNot all software might be optimized for AR workspace yetWorks with all existing software applications
PricePremium price tag (around $1900)Wide price range
Use CasesProductivity, content consumptionVersatile (productivity, gaming, multimedia)
Learning CurveAdaptation to screenless design and AR interactionFamiliar interface

Our Verdict

The Spacetop G1 screenless laptop is ideal for the following user groups of people and situations:

Ideal People

  • Users require a portable, lightweight device for productivity on the go.
  • Tech enthusiasts are interested in futuristic technology and are open to the AR experience.
  • Privacy-focused individuals.
  • Consumers of digital content.
    Not Ideal For: Gamers, graphic designers, or users requiring extensive external monitor support.

Ideal Working Conditions:

  • Cramped airplane cabins or crowded commutes.
  • Remote work environment without a dedicated workspace.
  • Dimly lit environments

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