4 Fixes for Star Citizen Failed to Fetch Code Error

Resetting your launcher will fix this error


If you enjoy playing Star Citizen in your spare time, you may have run into the Star Citizen failed to fetch code error while trying to launch the game. The good news is that there are solutions to this problem, which many players worldwide have reported.

There are several reasons why this error could be occurring, and in this article, we will explore the possible causes of the error and offer solutions to help you resolve it.

What is the Star Citizen failed to fetch code error?

The Star Citizen, a multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game, is popular among gamers worldwide. But the game faces one significant problem: the Star Citizen failed to fetch code error.

This error occurs when you try launching the game and can prevent you from gaining access to this exciting game. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing this error; some of the more common causes include:

  • Bugs in the game system – If there are bugs or glitches in the game system, you will encounter this problem.
  • Server issues – This problem could arise due to problems with the game servers. If the servers are down, you will continuously get this error message.
  • Patch upgrade – If the game is undergoing an upgrade, you will also receive this error message.
  • Weak Internet connection – You will continue to encounter this error if your internet connection is unstable or weak.
  • Outdated game version – This problem could also arise if you are running an outdated version of the game.

With the knowledge of some of the major causes of this error, let us look at ways to easily fix this problem.

How do I fix the the Star Citizen failed to fetch code error?

Before heading straight into our more comprehensive solutions, try these quick fixes.

  • Log in and out of your account – You can try logging out of your account and closing the launcher, wait a while, reopen the launcher, log back into your account, and check if the issue is still present.
  • Wait and try again later – It’s possible that maintenance or technical problems causing outages in the game are to blame for the Star Citizen failed to fetch error code. The best action in this situation is to hold off on playing the game until the maintenance or outage has been fixed.
  • Restart your system – Restarting your system is also a good action to take as this can help fix glitches and potentially resolve this error.

If the problem persists after trying the fixes above, go ahead with our more comprehensive solutions below.

1. Reset your launcher

  1. Launch the program and press the Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R simultaneously.
    Star Citizen failed to fetch code error
  2. In the RESET LAUNCHER CONFIGURATION prompt, click OK.
  3. Log into your account again.
  4. Finally, check whether the Star Citizen failed to fetch code error has been fixed.

2. Delete the game folder

  1. Hold the Windows + R keys together, enter appdata in the text field, and hit Enter.
    Star Citizen failed to fetch code error
  2. Navigate to the Local folder.
    Star Citizen failed to fetch code error
  3. Locate your game, right-click on it, and choose Delete.
  4. After this process, verify if the Star Citizen failed to fetch code error persists.

3. Look for updates

It’s crucial to make sure you have the most recent game version installed if you want to fix this error code in Star Citizen.

To do this, look for any updates or patches that are available but that you may not have yet installed. This can be done by checking the official website for updates or using the game launcher.

If an update is discovered to be accessible, download and install it using the game launcher. Launch Star Citizen once more to check if the issue has been fixed after the update.

4. Contact Star Citizen support

  1. You can submit a support request by going to the support site.
  2. Fill out the request form and click the Submit button.
  3. Your request will be handled by a professional who can help you resolve this issue.

In conclusion, if you have read this article by now, you should have gotten a way to fix this error and get back to enjoying your favorite games.

Try as many solutions as possible until you find the best for you.

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