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Automatic Updates In Your Windows 11: How to Stop Them


Many user may desire to stop automatic updates on their Windows 11 computer for different reasons. Some of those reasons may include may consumption of limited internet subscriptions due to significant bandwidth usage of Windows updates, compatibility issues, or system stability concerns.

You may temporarily pause updates instead of completely deactivating them since they equip your system with the newest features and address bugs or performance problems. However, there are several ways you can deactivate the updates.

How to pause automatic updates

Knowing how to pause automatic updates solution will help delay the automatic update for a specified time allocated. Use these steps to complete the setting.

  1. Press the Windows and I keys to open Windows Settings and click Windows Updates.
  2. Then, find Pause updates, open the drop-down menu and select the pause duration for up to five weeks.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  3. After making the selection, click on the pause option to activate pause.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11

Stop Automatic Windows 11 Updates in Services

The Windows Services app is a built-in app in Windows that allows you to view, start, stop, and configure Windows services. One such service is the Windows update service, and by deactivating it, you no longer have automatic updates. Here is how to deactivate it:

  1. Press Window + R to start the Run dialog box, enter services.msc in the text field and hit Enter.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  2. When the the Services opens, find and click the Windows Update option from the Services list.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  3. On the General tab, click Stop, change the Startup type to Disabled, then click Apply and Ok to apply settings.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11

Stop automatic Windows 11 updates in Group Policy

Windows 11 users can use the Local Group Policy Editor to manage configurations, security settings, and user preferences. This tool provides control over updates and customization options. Here is how tp use the tool:

  1. Press Window + R to start the Run dialog box, enter gpedit.msc in the text field and hit Enter.
  2. When the Group Policy Editor opens, find Windows Update using the path address below:
    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  3. Once you find the Windows Update folder, expand it, open the Manage end user experience folder and double-click the Configure Automatic Updates policy.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  4. Select the Disabled option to stop Windows Update, then click Apply and OK to effect settings.

Stop Windows 11 automatic update in Registry Editor

Windows 11 users can view and modify critical configuration settings using the Registry Editor. The Registry Editor provides more control over the Windows 11 update process. However, we recommend backing up the registry before making modifications to prevent system instability or inability to boot.

Here is how to use the tool:

  1. Press Window + R to start the Run dialog box, enter regedit in the text field and hit Enter.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  2. Then, navigate to the path below:
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  3. Right-click on the Windows folder hover over New, then click Key.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  4. Name the new key WindowsUpdate and press Enter.
  5. Afterward, right click on WindowsUpdate and create a new key like you did in step 3, name it AU and hit Enter.
  6. Right-click on any space in the right panel, hover over New and click DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  7. Name the new key NoAutoUpdate and press Enter.
    Stop Automatic Updates Windows 11
  8. Double-click on the key you just created and set the Value data from 0 to 1 and click OK.
  9. Finally, close the Registry Editor window and restart your PC.

In conclusion, managing automatic updates in Windows 11 is crucial for users desiring more control over their computers. The steps in this solution guide can help you stop automatic updates on your Windows 11 computer easily and choose when to install updates manually.

This solution permits you to prevent unexpected disruptions and preserve a smoother Windows 11 experience customized to your choices. Remember to check for critical updates periodically to ensure your system remains secure and up to date.

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