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How to Update and Check Current DirectX Version on Windows 11

The Importance of DirectX Updates on Windows 11


It is crucial to update the DirectX installation regularly on your Windows 11 PC to get the best experience when playing games and using other multimedia applications. DirectX allows games and multimedia apps to work directly with hardware components, such as graphics and sound cards.

This reason is why DirectX is constantly updated with new features and improvements to allow for better performance and graphic quality. You should update DirectX if you experience performance problems or graphics issues, bug or crashes, compatibility issues, or use new features that require a newer DirectX.

1. Check the DirectX Version installed

The first thing we recommend is that you should check the version of DirectX available on your system. This way, you can know if your version is up to date or needs updating. An update will help to install the latest security patches and bug fixes. Use the following steps to check your DirectX version:

  1. Firstly, enter dxdiag in the Search box and click Open in the right-hand panel.
    Update DirectX Windows 11
  2. Under the System tab, check the DirectX version.

2. Install the latest Windows update

Installing the latest Windows update with Windows Settings is straightforward. When you install a Windows update, it installs all the necessary DirectX updates. This is because DirectX is a core component of Windows, and Microsoft ensures it is always up to date with the latest Windows release.

The following steps will help you complete the update:

  1. Firstly, start the Settings app by pressing the Windows + I together and then click on System to open it.
  2. Then click on Windows Update from the tabs on the left navigation pane.
    Update DirectX Windows 11
  3. After the page opens, click on the Check for updates button.
    Update DirectX Windows 11
  4. Windows will search for available updates. If it finds one for DirectX 12, download and install it in Windows 11 from the list or click Install now.
    Update DirectX Windows 11
  5. Finally, restart your computer.

3. Download the latest DirectX update from Microsoft

When you download the latest DirectX update from Microsoft, you are essentially installing a new version of DirectX over your existing installation. This download will overwrite any old or outdated DirectX files with the latest versions. Use the following steps to complete this solution:

  1. Firstly, navigate to the DirectX download page on your PC.
    Update DirectX Windows 11
  2. Download the DirectX End-User Runtime Web on your PC.
    Update DirectX Windows 11
  3. Now, run the downloaded setup to update the DirectX on your PC to the latest version. 
    Update DirectX Windows 11
  4. Then click Finish when setup complete.
  5. Finally, restart your PC.

In conclusion, DirectX is a crucial component of Windows 11, and it is essential to update it. Updating DirectX helps you improve performance and graphics quality in games and multimedia applications, fix bugs and compatibility issues, and enable new features.

Following the steps outlined in this guide helps you stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the best of Windows 11 in terms of graphics and multimedia capabilities. So, take the initiative to update and check your DirectX version and keep your Windows 11 system running at its best.

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