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Watch YouTube Videos While Using Other Tabs on Brave Browser


Key insights:

  • Because of its floating window, Picture-in-Picture mode is the most effective method for watching YouTube videos while using other tabs on the Brave browser.
  • Using browser extensions is also effective due to its additional functionalities, such as PiP extensions for enhanced video playback control.
  • Creating multiple profiles allows you to have different settings optimized for specific tasks, like video watching.

Method 1: Enable the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode

Brave browser has a built-in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode that allows you to watch YouTube videos in a minimized, floating window while using other browser tabs. This feature is especially beneficial when you want to complete another task in a different tab, like checking your email or browsing other websites.

Use the following method to activate it:

This method might not work on all systems.

  1. Open YouTube on your Brave browser and go to the YouTube video you want to watch.
  2. Then, click the play button on the video to begin watching.
    Play to watch YouTube videos on Brave Browser
  3. On the video, quickly double-right-click the video playback window.
  4. When the context menu opens, select the Picture-in-Picture option to activate the mode.
    Picture-in-picture option in YouTube to watch videos in Brave Browser
  5. The video will pop out in a small window, allowing you to move it anywhere in the browser.
    Picture-in-picture mode in YouTube to watch videos in Brave Browser
  6. To exit the mode, click the close icon (X) on the top-left corner of the window.
    Close Picture-in-picture mode in YouTube after you watch videos in Brave Browser

Method 2: Enable Background Play

This method is especially beneficial to mobile phone users. Users can activate background play to continue listening to audio from videos while using another app or tab. The following steps will help you enable this mode:

  1. Open YouTube and locate the videos you want to watch on your mobile Brave browser.
    YouTube on mobile Brave browser to watch videos
  2. Then, click the ellipses and select the Setting option.
    Setting for Brave browser
  3. Afterward, scroll down to find the Background play setting and toggle the switch On.
    Turn Background Play On
  4. Once this is complete, the videos will play even when on another tab or app.

Method 3: Set Up Multiple Profiles on Brave Browser

Brave lets you create several profiles for different settings or extensions for work and personal browsing. Each profile you create can have its assigned set of extensions and settings customized for watching videos or multitasking.

The following steps will guide you in creating multiple profiles:

  1. Open Brave on your computer and click on the hamburger menu on the upper-right menu of the screen.
    Brave browser settings
  2. Then, select the Add new profile option.
    Add new profiles on Brave browser
  3. Select a desired avatar from the next screen, then click Done.
    Select an avatar
  4. Lastly, enter a name for the profile, select a preferred theme, and click Done.
    Select a preferred theme for the profile to watch YouTube videos on Brave browser
  5. Once complete, you can switch between activities anytime by clicking on the profile and selecting any of the desired profiles.
    Choose any profile to watch YouTube videos on Brave browser

Method 4: Install Extensions

Several extensions are available to enhance video playback. For example, you can install an extension that allows video playing in a floating window or provides more handling over playback speed and quality. One such extension is the Picture-in-Picture Extension. Here are steps to follow to install it:

  1. Go to the extension page for your browser and click Add to Brave.
    Add PiP extension to Brave Browser to watch YouTube videos
  2. Afterward, click on the prompt to add the extension.
    Confirm adding PiP extension to Brave Browser to watch YouTube videos
  3. Once the addition is complete, the extension will appear in the browser’s top-right corner screen.
  4. When playing your video, click the PiP extension to activate the mode.
    Initiate the PiP mode on Brave Browser

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