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How to Use Windows 11 Color Calibration to Get the Best Image Display

Optimizing Image Display with Windows 11 Color Calibration


Color calibration on Windows 11 offers the opportunity to adjust your screen colors. Another term for this feature is display or monitor calibration. This functionality allows you to ensure photos, videos, and games appear on your computer with the most accurate color rendition.

This calibration can be done either by the Windows 11 built-in tools or an authentic third-party software designed for the purpose. We will explain how to use the built-in tools in this article. Getting the best graphic driver updates can help maintain PC color strength also.

Use Display Colour Calibration

The Display Colour Calibration tool in the Control Panel of Windows 11 allows users to adjust and optimize the color settings of their display. It functions to help improve the accuracy and quality of the colors displayed on your monitor. Here is how to use it:

  1. Hold Windows + S keys at once to reveal the search window, type calibrate display colour, and hit Enter to open the first app result.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  2. When the Display Colour Calibration window opens, click Next.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  3. Click Next again on the new window.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  4. Click the Next button once more to proceed.
  5. Now, adjust the Gamma settings using the slider until the small dots are almost invisible and click the Next button.
  6. Then, click Next again to continue.
  7. Again, click Next.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  8. Then, tune the brightness level as explained in the description using the system’s brightness settings and click Next.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  9. Click Next again.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  10. Then, tune the contrast level as explained in the description using the system’s controls and click Next.
  11. Click Next again.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  12. Then use the RGB sliders to adjust the colors until you achieve a perfect grey on the bars and click Next.
  13. Then, tick the optional Start ClearType Tuner checkbox. This will open the calibration tool for adjusting text rendering on the display. Click Finish
  14. When the ClearType Text Tuner opens, click Next. This opened because you checked the optional Start ClearType Tuner checkbox.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  15. Click Next again to continue.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  16. Then select the box containing the text sample that looked best to you and click Next.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  17. Note that you will select the text sample box and click Next for up to five times.
  18. Once that is complete, click Finish.
    Windows 11 color calibration

Calibrate with Windows Settings

Windows settings allow users to perform computer adjustments, including adjusting and optimizing video playback settings. This feature helps ensure that videos are displayed accurately and in the best possible quality. Here is how to use it:

  1. Press the Windows and I keys at once to open the Settings application, then click System Settings and open Display.
    windows 11 gaming settings
  2. Under Display, select HDR.
    windows 11 gaming settings
  3. Then select your display in the drop-down menu next to Select a display to view or change its settings if you connected multiple displays.
  4. Afterwards, look under Display Capabilities to see if your device supports HDR.
  5. If it does, toggle Use HDR, Play streaming HDR video and Auto HDR switches On.
  6. Then, drag the Settings window to the display you want to calibrate and click Display calibration for HDR videos and expand it.
  7. Afterward, select Calibrate.
    Windows 11 color calibration
  8. Adjust the slider at the bottom of the display until both images are optimized.
  9. When you complete the calibration, hit Esc to close the tool.

In conclusion, Windows 11 provides a built-in Color Calibration tool allowing users to fine-tune their display settings to achieve the best image quality possible. Following the simple steps above, you can calibrate your monitor’s color, brightness, and contrast levels to ensure accurate and vibrant visuals.

With Windows 11 Color Calibration, you can fully control your display settings and enjoy a more immersive and visually pleasing experience while using your PC. In the comment section below, let us know what you feel about color calibration.

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