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What Is the Windows 11 MAC Address and How Do I Find It?

Use the Windows PowerShell to quickly get your Windows 11 MAC address


Welcome to this article, where we will discuss locating your device’s Windows 11 MAC address. Your device’s network adapter or network interface controller (NIC) has a unique identification code called a Media Access Control (MAC) Address, commonly known as the physical address.

The manufacturer of your device specifies the 12-character alphanumeric MAC address inside the network adapter. This physical address is usually used to transport data over a network or to configure network routing protocols. It can also be necessary for network customization as well.

1. Use the Settings app to check the MAC address for Wifi or Ethernet

Windows 11’s Settings program has seen a significant usability upgrade that makes it simple to locate a particular setting quickly. Here’s how to use the Windows 11 Settings app to determine your device’s MAC address.

  1. Click the Windows button on your keyboard, then select the Settings icon.
    windows 11 mac address
  2. Select Network & Internet in the Settings menu.
    windows 11 mac address
  3. In the next menu, choose Advanced Network Settings.
  4. Next, select Hardware and Connection Properties.
    windows 11 mac address
  5. In the Hardware and Connection Properties section, look for the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, and you should see the MAC Address displayed.

2. Locate the MAC address using the command prompt

The command prompt is a powerful utility that can be used to look for the MAC address on your Windows 11 device. This tool is easy to navigate, and you should have no trouble using it even if you are not technical.

  1. Press the Windows + S keys simultaneously to bring up the Search bar, type Command Prompt and select the best match.
  2. Once in the command prompt, input the command below and hit Enter.
    ipconfig /all
  3. The network setup information for your WiFi, Ethernet, and any virtual machines you’ve set up is displayed in the Windows IP setup. If your command prompt keeps crashing, check out the linked article for solutions.

3. Locate the MAC address using the PowerShell 

Microsoft included PowerShell, a cross-platform command shell and scripting language, by default with Windows 11 so that users may complete routine operations without pointing at screens or pressing buttons, and this tool can be used to access your device’s MAC address.

  1. Right-click on your Start menu and choose Windows Terminal.
    windows 11 mac address
  2. Input the command below and hit Enter.
    getmac /v
  3. Locate the Physical Address option to get your MAC address.
    windows 11 mac address

Wrapping things up

We have discussed three practical ways you can easily check the MAC address on your Windows device so ensure to diligently follow these steps to get the desired result. If you have further questions, contact us via the comment section below.

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