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X Starts Hiding Likes: How This Can Improve Online Privacy

How hiding likes can improve online privacy and overall user experience



  • This feature allows you to enjoy more privacy regarding the content you interact with without worrying about being criticized by others for your choices.
  • This has also impacted the overall user experience with the app. Elon Musk, CEO of X, stated that there has been an increase in the number of likes since the launch of this update.
  • In the past, the private likes feature was only available to X Premium subscribers, but now the feature is available to everyone.

How Can X Hidden Likes Improve Privacy and User Experience?

The decision that X (formerly Twitter) has made to hide likes for every user has brought mixed feelings. Some are happy that this feature will provide more privacy and online freedom, while others are concerned that it will restrict the ability to hold people accountable for their actions, especially public figures.

Even though these concerns are valid, we cannot doubt that more advantages are in store for users of X. Let us see how this feature can help improve privacy and overall user experience.

1. Reduced Social Pressure

Public likes might pressure people to like things they may not love to fit in or shield themselves from criticism from others. By making their likes private, users can now interact with content freely without worrying about how their likes will be interpreted by the public.

This can be especially helpful for people afraid of receiving negative feedback if they voice their ideas or discuss controversial issues.

2. Personalized Experience

Users who use private likes have greater control over their online presence. They can interact with and view a variety of content without necessarily sharing their tastes with the entire public, making it possible to have a more genuine and intimate experience on the site.

3. Reduced Data Tracking

The public likes fuel data-gathering methods used for profiling and targeted advertising. With the introduction of private likes, advertisers and other organizations can no longer access this data point, which may restrict the ability to monitor user behavior and preferences throughout the site.

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