Omachona God’spower Richard
Writer, Fuzo Tech

Expertise: App and Gadget Reviews, Windows, Android
Education: Electrical Engineering (HND) and Applied Technology (BSc …in progress)


  • Crafted engaging guides and reviews for a global audience of millions.
  • Updated outdated content with the Fuzo Tech editorial team.

Short Bio

Richard is a passionate technology expert, often sought out from among his peers for help with tech-related issues. He is an Electrical Engineering graduate, and is currently pursuing a degree in Applied Technology. Richard’s career path has led him to focus on technical writing, and over the past two years, top websites such as Addictive Hacks and Fuzo Tech have published his work.

My love for technology stretches beyond building; it entails empowering others. Through writing, I help people steer the ever-evolving tech landscape, one insightful guide at a time.


Richard has been a content writer with Fuzo Tech since February 2023. He has been publishing quality guides, reviews, tips, and explainer articles that have earned him a reputation for excellence. His work is featured on the prestigious Fuzo Tech website.

Before specializing in tech writing, Richard worked as a Technical Officer for two years, where he was responsible for maintaining systems and machines. In addition to this, he is skillful in web design and he is proficient in several programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Node JS, PHP, React, and Next JS. He has also honed his skills in using SQL for data manipulation and presentation, which has become an invaluable asset in his research and writing projects.


Richard holds a Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Auchi Polytechnic, where he majored in Electrical Engineering.
He is currently pursuing a BSc degree at Brigham Young University.