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Afam Onyimadu – Editor in Chief

Afam’s journey in tech writing began in 2018 as a writer for Make Tech Easier. Since then, he has established a reputation for delivering high-quality guides, reviews, tips, and explainer articles. His work is prominently featured on leading websites such as Windows Report, MS Power User, Guiding Tech, and Alphr. With a background in Computer Science and a Microsoft Certified Professional certification, Afam brings expertise and passion to his writing. Currently, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief at Fuzo Tech.

Tochukwu Ifechukwu

Tochukwu's language proficiency and technology acumen guarantee that every content on our website is excellently crafted and engaging.

His commitment to producing exceptional work that meets our readers' demands is unparalleled. We are honored to have his expertise as an invaluable member of our team.

Rebecca O.
HR Manager

Rebecca is a skilled writer with a passion for technology. She excels in customer care, particularly in the tech industry, and is fluent in English and French.

Her dedication and commitment to delivering excellent service and the most selfless human relations make her an invaluable asset to any organization.

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Richard Omachona
Tech Writer

Richard is a skilled techie who specializes in resolving various computer issues. He is highly regarded among his peers as the go-to person for effective solutions. With vast experience in Windows operating systems, he is also an accomplished Python programmer and web frontend designer, adept in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, gaming, and listening to music.

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David Ogbor
Tech Writer

Meet David, a skilled and experienced writer with a passion for simplifying complex concepts. He has a keen understanding of the latest trends and technologies in the tech industry.

David's expertise lies in creating engaging and informative user manuals and technical guides. His ability to collaborate effectively with others makes him a valuable asset to any team.

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Fuzo Tech’s mantra is to deliver top-of-the-class guides and articles that enlighten and benefit our audience. We follow strict editorial guidelines, ensuring every published work is of the highest standard.

We believe in the following:

Thorough Research

Research is the beginning of every publication. We take our time to go through all credible resources. We especially love going through user feedback on 100s of forums to know where it hurts and can fix it. Ultimately, you are sure that every information we give out is 100% accurate.

Accurate Content

Because of our painstaking research approach, we deliver the most accurate information available. Our editors check and recheck every fix. We simulate the errors and ensure that solutions work.

Clear and Concise Writing

Writing is useless if it is not delivered in the clearest of terms. We make it a duty to use simple language, even when exploring the most technical concepts.

Proper Formatting

We break down every article to ensure it is scannable and easily read. Hence, we split guides into contextual headings and subheadings. We use a lot of numbering and bullets to break up lists and ensure they are understandable.

Engaging Visuals

Every article we produce includes high-quality videos, images, and audio when necessary.

Regular Updates

Tech is continually evolving, and guides and articles need to be updated. Our team is dedicated to keeping all content we produce fresh and updated. As UI changes for apps we review, we update the articles and screenshots we use.

We hope to offer you the best content quality and maintain our status as a reliable source for tech content.


First and foremost, we are humans writing for humans – no AI-regurgitated jargon. We take important steps to ensure writers are held to these standards.

Every writer and editor we employ has a track record of producing exceptional and helpful content. We ensure writers only focus on subject matter where they are the ultimate experts. So rather than chase keywords, we chance competence and expertise. Most articles are based on tech issues team members face daily.

Generally, we do not review products with affiliate relationships, and if we must, we state this clearly to encourage transparency. Our editorial team however, does in-delpt research and recommends tools based on quality.

Learn more about our review process in our detailed review outline.

We strive to be a trusted and dependable information provider to equip you with the total guidance you seek through top-notch investigation and writeups.

You can rely on us for all tech information and tips.