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How to Enable and Use Mouse Via Keyboard on Windows 11

Navigating Windows 11 with Ease: A Guide to Enabling and Mastering Mouse Control via Keyboard


It may be necessary to enable and use the mouse via keyboard in Windows 11 to control the mouse pointer using your keyboard instead of a physical mouse. This method can help people who have mobility disabilities or need to use a PC in situations where mouse use is not practical, such as when giving a presentation.

This article is also handy when your physical mouse is faulty or malfunctioning, or you are using a remote desktop connection. Numeric keypads can be useful in situations like this, such as double-clicking, dragging and dropping, and scrolling. Also, check our article on plex keyboard shortcuts and MPV keyboard shortcuts.

Control mouse pointer

To turn on the option to control the mouse pointer with the keyboard, use these steps:

  1. Press Windows + I simultaneously to open Settings, click Accessibility on the left pane and click Mouse on the right.
    Enable and Use mouse via keyboard Windows 11
  2. Then, toggle the Mouse keys switch On.
    Enable and Use mouse via keyboard Windows 11
  3. You may also tick the Hold the Ctrl key to speed up and the Shift key to slow down checkbox.
  4. Finally, use the slider settings to adjust the Mouse key speed and Mouse keys acceleration.
    Enable and Use mouse via keyboard Windows 11
  5. After completing the steps, the numeric keypad on the keyboard can move the mouse.

Drag and drop 

To drag and drop items on Windows 11, use the following key combination:

  • Place the cursor on the item and press the 0 key.
  • Then, move the item about with the keypad to drag it.
  • When you get the item to the desired position, hit the . (decimal point) key to drop the item.

Click items 

To perform a click action, use the following steps:

  • Click – Place the cursor on an item, hold the / key, and hit the 5 key.
  • Right-click – Place the cursor on an item, hold the - key, and hit the 5 key.
  • Double-click – Place the cursor on an item, hold the * key, and hit the + key.

In conclusion, we explored using keyboard commands to control the mouse. You will need to enable and use mouse via keyboard on Windows 11 when you cannot easily access your mouse. It’s a valuable skill for versatile and efficient navigation, enhancing accessibility, and making computing more user-friendly.

Mastering mouse control via the keyboard opens up new possibilities for a personalized Windows 11 experience. To learn more about these key combinations, please see the Microsoft support article on using Mouse Keys.

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