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X Handles to Follow for 2024 Olympic Content

Catch up on all the news leading to the 2024 Olympics


Quick Findings:

  • The best source of information and news about the Olympics is The Olympic Games, the official X handle for the Olympics.
  • Traditional sports media houses with X handles are also good sources for news and updates about the Olympics.

Handle 1: The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is one of the X Handles to Follow for 2024 Olympic Content

The Olympic Games (@Olympics) is one of the best X handles to follow for 2024 Olympic content because it is the official X handle for the Olympic Games, managed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The implication is that you’ll get the most up-to-date and reliable information from the source.

The handle will cover all aspects of the 2024 Olympics, including news, timetables, results, athlete profiles, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. Anticipate information on several sports, from popular events like swimming and gymnastics to unpopular sports that gain the spotlight during the Olympics.

Finally, the Olympic Games will probably deliver updates and information in multiple languages, reaching a global audience. They’ll also use a combination of content formats to keep you engaged, including photos, videos, athlete interviews, and live updates during competitions.

Handle 2: Paris 2024

Paris 2024 X handle is one of the X Handles to Follow for 2024 Olympic Content

The Paris 2024 @Paris2024 handle is one of the best X handles to follow for 2024 Olympic content because it’s the official social media handle of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, managed by the organizing committee. It guarantees that the information you obtain is valid, up-to-date, and directly from the source.

Furthermore, it’ll help you access several 2024 Olympic contents, including official announcements, competition schedules, venue information, and athlete updates. You will also access exclusive content showcasing athlete training, preparation, and unseen moments.

Finally, this handle offers several photos, videos, polls, and interactive features to keep you involved and informed. It offers content in numerous languages, ensuring a global reach. The official handle helps to avoid misinformation and scams. Its X checkmark badge ensures you’re getting authentic information.

Handle 3: Olympic Channel – Protected Account

Olympic channel is one of the X Handles to Follow for 2024 Olympic Content

The Olympic Channel (@olympicchannel) could be one of the best handles to follow for 2024 Olympic content because it guarantees authentic and up-to-date information. The videos, photos, and stories about the athletes, events, and Olympic spirit are expected to be high-quality.

As a protected account, it may share some public information on its profile or in tweets that aren’t marked private. However, you should request to follow it and see its contents on the fly. Being protected ensures the account reduces the chance of encountering misleading or fake content.

The channel might also offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content, athlete interviews, or special announcements unavailable elsewhere. Expect live updates, competition results, and event highlights throughout the Olympic Games.

Handle 4: NBC Olympics & Paralympics

NBC Olympics & Paralympics X handle is one of the X Handles to Follow for 2024 Olympic Content

NBC Olympics & Paralympics (@NBCOlympics) has the official broadcasting rights for the Games in the United States, meaning you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes access, athlete interviews, and event highlights.

It’ll help you stay ahead with live updates, breaking news, and real-time results during the competitions. Furthermore, the handle offers several high-quality content formats, including videos, photos, articles, and live streams. Apart from X, they are available on several other platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

You can participate in polls, ask questions, and join discussions with other Olympic fans. Expect to keep track of upcoming events, stay informed about the ever-changing medal standings, relive the most exciting moments, gain commentators’ and analysts’ expert insights, and get to know the Olympic hopefuls, their backgrounds, and their dreams for Paris 2024.

Handle 5: IOC MEDIA

IOC Media is one of the X Handles to Follow for 2024 Olympic Content

IOC MEDIA is your must-follow handle for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, which promises to be a spectacle. It is the official social media channel of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the governing body of the Olympics. This implies that you’ll get the most authentic and up-to-date information from the source.

Exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes glimpses, athlete interviews, and captivating highlights, will be prioritized here. IOC MEDIA offers a unique perspective on the Games, bringing you closer to the action. You can also keep up with the Games in your preferred language.

IOC MEDIA provides content across diverse platforms in numerous languages, ensuring you never miss a beat. Exciting moments, competition schedules, and live results make your time enjoyable. Following IOC MEDIA gives the complete Olympic experience.

Handle 6: CBC Olympics

CBC Olympics is one of the X Handles to Follow for 2024 Olympic Content

CBC Olympics, with the handle @CBCOlympics, is the official Canadian broadcaster for the upcoming 2024 Games. As the exclusive broadcaster, CBC offers unique insights and privileges to its viewers. CBC provides consistent updates across various platforms, including news, highlights, analysis, and behind-the-scenes content, ensuring you stay updated on all the action.

CBC Olympics is especially dedicated to Canadian athletes, delivering in-depth coverage of their journeys and competitions. They provide live commentary and updates throughout the Games, keeping you informed on all the latest developments.

They use interactive elements such as polls and Q&A sessions to engage the CBC Olympics community. High-quality photos, videos, and graphics bring the Olympic experience to life. CBC Olympics is a reliable and accurate source; you can trust them to provide credible information.

Handle 7: BBC Sport

BBC Sports X handle

BBC is a trusted news organization that is generally known for its accurate and impartial sports reporting. It is expected to provide extensive coverage of the Paris 2024 Olympics, including news updates, athlete profiles, event breakdowns, medal tallies, and analysis from expert journalists.

BBC Sport delivers content across multiple platforms and languages, catering to a diverse global audience. Follow @BBCSport for live updates, highlights, and engaging content tailored specifically for social media platforms.

Their reportage includes a good mix of text, images, and videos, keeping your feed informative and visually appealing. BBC’s potential time zone advantage depends on your location.

Handle 8: Eurosport

Eurosport X handle

Staying updated on the 2024 Olympics may seem overwhelming, but following the Eurosport X handle (@eurosport) offers a distinct advantage. Eurosport is a renowned sports broadcaster with a proven track record of extensive Olympic coverage.

It is often used by broadcasters for major events, indicating a dedicated channel for the Olympics.
While on Eurosport, expect several Olympic content, from swimming and gymnastics to track and field and lesser-known sports. Stay on top of the games with live scores, breaking news, and exciting highlights.

It also provides expert commentary from knowledgeable sports analysts, keeping you informed and engaged. The X handle might deliver exclusive or insider content you won’t find elsewhere.

You may confirm if Eurosport has the official broadcasting rights for the Olympics in your region, solidifying them as a reliable source. Following the Eurosport X handle can guarantee you a one-stop shop for all your 2024 Olympic content needs.

Handle 9: Sports

Sports X handle

The Sports (@Sports) X handle should be your go-to for all Olympics updates. They specialize in in-depth reports, live updates, and breaking news across all Olympic sports. Sports keep you informed with posts, stories, and live streams.

They also provide expert analysis from seasoned sports correspondents and commentators, providing a more in-depth understanding of the games. Enjoy photos, videos, and athlete interviews, keeping you entertained and connected to the Olympic spirit.

Never miss a medal moment with their quick and reliable updates throughout the games. Join other Olympic fans to share your thoughts and celebrate victories. By following @SportsX, you’ll have a central seat for all your Olympic news and connect with a passionate sports community.

Official Country Accounts for the Olympics

Following the official 2024 Olympic content X handles for various countries is essential, particularly in environments where rumors and misinformation thrive during major events. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the respective National Olympic Committees (NOCs) verify these accounts.

Official accounts often provide exclusive content that you might not find anywhere else. Following the official accounts is also a way to show your national pride and support for your country’s athletes as they compete on the world stage. Here are some examples of top country accounts:

Following various accounts allows you to experience the Olympics from different perspectives and gain a more well-rounded understanding of the Games. Your X account cannot afford to be problematic during this period.

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