What Is the Best AI Battle Team for MK11?

This detailed guide will give you an idea of the best AI battle team in MK11


The battlefield has progressed beyond human prowess in Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11), where powerful fighters engage in an epic battle for domination. In this guide, we will embark on a journey to explore the art of creating the best AI battle team in MK11.

We hope to give you the knowledge you need to dominate tournaments and online arenas by drawing insights from top players, studying character synergies, and factoring in AI behavior settings.

Can you fight as an AI in MK11?

Yes, in MK11, you can battle as an AI. AI Battles is a feature in the game that allows you to train an AI fighter to participate in AI Battles or complete Towers for you. This is a fantastic way to farm prizes and advance in the game without playing yourself.

To train an AI fighter, choose a character and then their AI parameters. You can modify the AI’s behavior, such as its aggressiveness, use of combinations, and ability to block. It is also possible to offer specific directions to the AI, such as focus on zoning or use X-Ray moves.

You can then send your AI fighter into battle once you’ve trained them. They will fight against other AI characters or human players.

What is the best AI battle team for MK11?

1. Liu Kang, Jade, and Noob
best ai battle team mk11

This well-rounded team is led by Noob Saibot, who is quite powerful in AI battles. It all comes down to his damage and the AI’s inability to penalize Noob’s teleport consistently.

Jade’s keep-away tactics will help you defeat specific characters, while Liu is well-rounded with great damage. They help to cover Noob’s unfavorable matches, allowing Noob to take an easy win.

2. Kotal Khan, Skarlet, and Kabal
best ai battle team mk11

A Black Dragon, a Kahn, and a Blood Priestess make up this unique combo. These odd partners contribute to underappreciated team composition.

Make sure to equip Kabal with some stats in counters to maximize his whiff punishments. Kotal Khan should have totems and Tecuani specials, and Skarlet should focus on zoning.

3. Sonya, Jacqui Briggs, and Cassie Cage

The Special Forces only accept the best, and this team exemplifies that. Jax is also an excellent replacement for Sonya or Jacqui. Consider what augments you have to help you make that decision, as they can make a major difference during combat.

4. Kung Lao, Raiden, and Liu Kang
best ai battle team mk11

This ferocious combination includes the Shaolin Monks and the Thunder God. Consider equipping your characters for maximum damage output.

You’ll want Raiden with Thunder Wave and Kung Lao without his Orbiting Hat in particular, as he’ll waste precious resources on it. You can’t go wrong with Liu Kang; he’s like Bruce Lee but with fireballs.

5. Skarlet, Cetrionm and Jade
best ai battle team mk11

This group of girls will set up obstacle courses of projectile strikes for your opponent to navigate. This pure keep-away squad is perfect for dealing with rush-down characters like Geras and Jacqui. Ensure your characters can access their strongest zoning tools, such as Skarlet’s Blood Ball and Jade’s Air Glaive.

6. Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Noob Saibot 

This Deadly Alliance is unstoppable! Scorpion and the Sub-Zero brothers work together to deliver continuous damage and countermeasures. Few teams can stand up to these traditional palette swap ninjas with the correct augments. Noob Saibot will deliver the finishing blow to ensure success.

7. Sonya Blade, Noob Saibot, and Geras
best ai battle team mk11

As we all know, Noob is a superb AI character who is both handy for beginners and yet viable at higher rankings. Sonya and Geras round out the team and can carry it home if Noob loses. Ensure to remove Geras’ Big Fist and replace it with Sand Spikes for more combo possibilities.

8. Shao Khan, Kotal Khan , and Baraka

Outworld’s savage land breeds savages, as evidenced by this team’s tremendous damage output. Keep the stat spread minimal, with no more than 30 points in Rushdown/Combos. Kotal should have Khan Cut, Shao should avoid taunts and perks, and Baraka should have Gutted for maximum destruction.

9. D’Vorah, Shao Khan, and Baraka

Like our top-ranked team, this team contains an Outworld crew and punishes the opponent with massive damage. You want D’vorah to avoid attempting to set up her offense and instead focus on damage, which is nearly always more effective against AI.

Therefore, we recommend equipping her with Deadly Swarm and the Widow’s Kiss teleport. Shao Khan and Baraka should be prepared to deal the most harm.

10. Kotal, Baraka, and Jade
best ai battle team mk11

Jade and Kotal Khan were reunited in a love sequence in the story mode, but they are now skilled warriors in AI combat. Baraka is also welcome; his wrath is always appreciated. This team takes matchup awareness, but you should be fine if you retain Jade against rush-down characters and Kotal versus zoners.

Who is the best AI fighter for towers MK11?

According to many gamers, Noob Saibot is always rated as the best AI fighter for towers MK11 because of his zoning and combo potential. He is also excellent at avoiding pressure, which can be useful in towers.

Ultimately, the best AI battle team in MK11 will depend on your preference and fighting style, so create a team that fits into your preferred fighting style.

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