How to Fix Steam Error 25 When Accepting Trade Offer

Enabling Steam Guard is an effective way to fix this error



  • When you get an error while trying to accept a trade offer, it means that there is an issue with your Steam Guard settings, your internet connection is bad, or the other trader’s inventory is full

How do I fix Steam error 25?

Before going on to our primary solutions, we recommend trying out this quick workaround.

  • Check your internet connection – Connectivity issues cause many errors associated with the Steam error accepting trade offer 25, so verifying your internet connection is a great place to start.
  • Relaunch Steam client – Restarting your Steam client can also help fix many minor software issues, including the Steam error accepting trade offer 25.

However, if the solutions above do not work, go ahead with our more comprehensive steps below.

Fix 1: Enable Steam Guard

  1. Launch Steam on your device.
    Steam error accepting trade offer 25
  2. Click the three horizontal lines on the top left corner to open the menu.
    Steam error accepting trade offer 25
  3. Next, choose the Steam Guard option from the menu.
  4. In the Steam Guard settings, click the Add Authenticator button.
  5. After clicking the Add Authenticator button, a code will be sent to your device that is linked to your account.
  6. Type the code that was sent to you in the input field and hit the Submit button.
    Steam error accepting trade offer 25
  7. Write down the code in the red box. This will help you recover your account in case you lose your device, then click Done.
  8. A Steam Guard has now been added to your account and the security has been strengthened.
    Steam error accepting trade offer 25
  9. Finally, check to see if this process has fixed the Steam error accepting trade offer 25.

Fix 2: Log Out and Log in Again

Use the desktop client, mobile app, or Steam on the web to log out or sign out of your Steam account and then re-login. Check to see if the issue continues once you have signed in once more. It has benefited a few users, and it might also apply to you.

Fix 3: Ensure That the Receiver Does Not Have a Full Backpack

You won’t be able to complete the trade if the user with whom you’re trying to make it doesn’t have any more room in his backpack.

You’ll most likely see the Steam error accepting trade messages for this reason. Try the next strategy if the user’s item list is still empty.

Fix 4: Click Accept Multiple Times and Be Patient

Sometimes, because of the overload on the Steam servers, the acceptance process of trade will require you to click the accept button a few times.

Some users were able to complete the trade after waiting and clicking the accept button more than six times.

Fix 5: Make Use of Steam on the Web

For some Steam users, this straightforward solution appears to work. Sometimes an app’s desktop client has issues, but its web version is working just fine. In light of that, the Steam error accepting this trade offer issue may also be related.

Therefore, you can sign in to the web version of Steam and attempt to accept the trade offer there rather than using the Steam desktop client. This ought to be beneficial.

Fix 6: Try Again After Some Time

Although it seems very simple, this option can be useful. Sometimes a problem is only momentary and can be resolved by trying again. Therefore, this could help you fix the Steam error you encountered when accepting a trade offer.

You can try again after some time if the trade offer doesn’t appear to have been accepted on the Trade History page. Select the trade offer for which you are receiving the error by going to the Incoming Offers section. Press the Accept Trade button after verifying the contents of the trade.

Fix 7: Get in Contact With Steam Support

You should speak with Steam Support if none of the aforementioned solutions work for you. Follow the instructions in the help manual or submit a help request to see if the Steam Support staff can help.

Why Am I Getting the Steam Error 25 When Accepting a Trade Offer?

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing Steam error 25 when accepting trade. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Steam Guard not enabled – This error could result if you have not enabled Steam Gaurd on your device.
  • Expired trade offer – If the trade offer has expired before you accepted the trade, you will get this error.
  • Canceled trade offer – If the trade has been canceled by the other party before you can accept it, this error will be displayed.
  • Connection problem – If your network connection is weak or unstable, you will get the Steam error accepting trade offer 25.
  • Browser problem – The browser you are using could also cause this error.
  • Trade restrictions – Restrictions on your account could cause the Steam error accepting trade offer 25.

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