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Top Antivirus Option for Acer Tablet in 2024

These programs have been tested for efficiency with an Acer Tablet



  • The core function of any anti-virus is to block malware. Ensure that the software you choose can solidly detect and block viruses, ransomware, trojans, spyware, and other malware

In a Hurry? Here Is a Summary of the Review

  • Norton 360 – Compatibility across different operating systems, dark web monitoring, regular updates, and clean design.
  • McAfee Total Protection – Parental controls, Wi-Fi scanner, solid virus protection, and anti-phishing.
  • TotalAV – VPN features, simple user interface, system optimizer, and real-time malware protection.
  • Bitdefender – VPN features, top-notch anti-virus features, anti-phishing, and constant customer support.
  • Kaspersky – Wi-Fi monitoring, password manager, parental controls, regular updates.
  • Avira – Password manager, system optimization, VPN features, and anti-theft.
  • Malwarebytes – Simple user interface, web protection, solid defense against malware, and real-time protection.
  • Trend Micro – Password manager, Wi-Fi security, VPN features, and compatibility with multiple devices.

What Is the Best Antivirus for My Acer Tablet?

1. Norton 360 – Great Security Features

The virus and malware protection provided by Norton 360 is unrivaled. It is a well-designed and regularly updated internet security suite that ensures all information is kept secure, private, and protected.

It also functions well on all operating systems. This is the best option for home users looking for a complete, user-friendly antivirus with some of the best cybersecurity protections available, all for a reasonably priced yearly subscription.

The antivirus software from Norton employs a unique scanning engine that is machine learning-powered, enabling it to scan, find, and eliminate even the most cutting-edge and modern malware.

In every one of our independent tests, it received a rating of 100 percent protection, and it consistently outperformed built-in antivirus programs (like Windows Defender) in terms of threat detection and prevention.

Also, numerous additional features are included with Norton 360, and they are all simple to use and function exactly as advertised.
Dark web monitoring is one of my favorite extras, and it’s by far the best dark web monitoring tool I’ve ever tried.

In addition, this tool continuously searches the dark web for personal data, including credit card numbers, insurance documents, home addresses, phone numbers, gamer tags, and more. It immediately notifies you if it discovers any stolen data.

Some important features of Norton 360 include:

  • Compatibility across different operating systems
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Regular updates
  • Clean design


  • Resource intensive
  • Limited customizations
  • Subscription fees


  • Norton Antivirus Plus: $29.99
  • Norton 360 Standard: $39.99
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: $49.99

2. McAfee Total Protection – Anti-phishing
Best antivirus for Acer tablet

McAfee is a great option for your Acer tablet because of its outstanding virus protection capabilities; during our series of tests, it had a perfect 100% detection rate against all of the malware samples.

Both basic and sophisticated threats, such as viruses, trojan horses, spyware, keyloggers, and rootkits, were found, blocked, and eliminated by McAfee.

It also has great anti-phishing defenses that keep me from visiting known phishing and malicious websites. It outperformed web protection provided by the majority of competing antivirus programs as well as built-in security features of browsers like Chrome and Firefox in identifying the vast majority of risky websites.

McAfee’s Wi-Fi security is another feature that stood out. Thanks to this easy-to-read map of all the devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can control your online security and keep intruders out.

In addition to blocking objectionable and unwanted content and apps, McAfee’s parental controls are some of the best available today.

They also include advanced location tracking, which lets you track your child’s device with almost perfect accuracy (this feature performs much better than Google or Apple’s tools for locating devices).

Some important features of McAfee include:

  • Parental controls
  • Wi-Fi scanner
  • Solid virus protection
  • Anti-phishing


  • Not-too-friendly user interface
  • System resource intensive


  • McAfee Plus: $39.99
  • McAfee Premium: $54.99
  • McAfee Advanced: $89.99

3. TotalAV – Easy-To-Use Interface
Best antivirus for Acer tablet

TotalAV is a fantastic option for novice users who don’t want to deal with challenging menus and settings because it has a great antivirus scanner and a few excellent extras inside a very intuitive dashboard.

Fast, dependable, and with almost 100% malware detection rates, TotalAV’s antivirus scanner is a great choice.

A wide variety of additional internet security features are also included. I especially like TotalAV’s performance optimizer because, in our tests, it freed up more space on the computer than the majority of its rivals.

The VPN offered by TotalAV is also one of the best antivirus-bundled VPNs available because it is safe, compatible with well-known streaming websites, and offers fairly quick speeds across all servers.

Some important features of TotalAV include:

  • VPN features
  • Simple user interface
  • System optimizer
  • Real-time malware protection


  • Limited device coverage
  • Limited features in the free version


  • TotalAV Antivirus Pro: $19
  • TotalAV Internet Security: $39
  • TotalAV Total Security: $49

4. Bitdefender – Advanced Anti-virus Features

With a far more sophisticated antivirus engine than almost any competitor on the market, Bitdefender can detect and defend against malware more efficiently. It utilizes a sizable malware database, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

When we tested Bitdefender, it discovered and eliminated every malicious threat from the system. Additionally, because Bitdefender’s engine is cloud-based, all malware scans are performed on Bitdefender’s cloud server, relieving your device of the burden.

For users familiar with customizing their antivirus protection, Bitdefender offers advanced settings similar to Norton. You can configure custom scan settings for particular parts of your computer, such as scripts, network shares, boot sectors, and even new or modified files.

But Bitdefender is more than just an anti-malware scanner; it’s one of the most complete security suites on the market, offering some of the best protection for your Acer tablet,

The anti-phishing protection from Bitdefender’s web protection is also very effective. The multi-layer ransomware protection offered by Bitdefender, which adds a data-protection layer over your critical files to prevent their encrypting during a ransomware attack, is something I especially adore.

Some important features of Bitdefender include:

  • VPN features
  • Top-notch anti-virus features
  • Anti-phishing
  • Constant customer support


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Resource intensive


  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: $39.99
  • Bitdefender Internet Security: $59.99
  • Bitdefender Total Security: $69.99

5.  Kaspersky – Frequent Updates
Best antivirus for Acer tablet

In addition to having a strong antivirus component, Kaspersky Internet Security also offers several impressive extra features like the ability to block dangerous websites.

The program was 100 percent effective in all of our anti-malware tests, and its antivirus engine consistently produces some of the best results in the industry against all different kinds of malware.

We like Kaspersky’s Safe Money feature because it opens a secure, spyware- and malware-proof sandboxed browser window whenever it detects that you are about to make an online payment or access a banking website.

Kaspersky also lets you use a virtual keyboard to prevent keyloggers when processing online payments.

Kaspersky Premium offers malware scanning, web protection, the Safe Money secure browser, an unlimited-data VPN, and a password manager with unlimited password storage.

You also get home Wi-Fi monitoring and a free year of Kaspersky parental controls for up to 3 users.

Some important features of Kaspersky include:

  • Wi-Fi Monitoring
  • Password manager
  • Parental controls
  • Regular updates


  • System resource usage
  • Limited free version


  • Plus Plan: $52.99
  • Premium Plan: $74.99

6. Avira – System Optimizer
Best antivirus for Acer tablet

With one of the best and most powerful antivirus engines available, Avira consistently receives high ratings in independent testing (and achieved a 100% detection rate in all our tests). The company’s anti-malware technology has been licensed to several rivals, including TotalAV.

The best system optimization tools available are those from Avira. While many antivirus programs come with tune-up tools to make your computer run more efficiently and free up hard drive space, Avira has the most cutting-edge tune-up and clean-up tools included in an antivirus.

Avira Prime is an excellent antivirus if your Acer tablet is slow or outdated and frequently runs out of hard drive space. Since Avira’s antivirus engine runs entirely in the cloud, it won’t slow down your devices like many other programs.

Some important features of Avira include:

  • Password manager
  • System optimization
  • VPN features
  • Anti-theft


  • Potential performance impact
  • Limited free version


  • Avira Antivirus Pro: $21.29 for the first year only
  • Avira Prime: $51.17 for the first year only
  • Avira Internet Security: $26.63 for the first year only

7. Malwarebytes – Clean User Interface

Malwarebytes is a straightforward, user-friendly antivirus that provides effective virus defense for all operating systems, including your Acer tablet.

Its advanced malware scanner successfully identified about 90% of the test malware during our tests, which is decent.

The excellent web protections that come with Malwarebytes successfully identify and block most of the phishing websites I tried visiting during testing, as well as ads, trackers, and other potential scams.

Additionally, Malwarebytes provides a VPN with unrestricted data, 30 different countries’ servers, and respectable speeds.

Some important features of Malwarebytes include:

  • Simple user interface
  • Web protection
  • Solid defense against malware
  • Real-time protection


  • Limited functionality on tablets
  • Potentially low effectiveness on tablets


  • Malwarebytes Plus (5 devices): $8.33
  • Malwarebytes Plus (3 devices): $6.67
  • Malwarebytes Standard (3): $5.00

8. Trend Micro – Wi-Fi Security
Best antivirus for Acer tablet

Trend Micro offers a respectable anti-malware engine and a great browser extension that monitors security risks, prevents online fraud, and scans websites for questionable content.

In our tests, the antivirus scanner performed reasonably well, detecting most viruses, trojan horses, ransomware, and spyware on the computer. Additionally, Trend Micro provides users with various scan customization options to change the malware protections.

When we tested it, Trend Micro found more phishing websites than Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. It also blocked ads and checked my browsing history for potentially harmful websites I might have unintentionally visited. It also found scam links, unsafe content, malicious code, and misinformation.

Some important features of Trend Micro include:

  • Password manager
  • Wi-Fi security
  • VPN features
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • Limited interface customization
  • Subscription fees


  • Antivirus Security: $19.95
  • Internet Security: $39.95
  • Maximum Security: $49.95
  • Premium Security Suite: $54.95

Do You Need Antivirus for Acer Tablets?

Windows has improved over the years, and versions 8, 10, and 11 now have a built-in Defender. Therefore, if your Acer tablet uses this version of Windows, it already comes equipped with an anti-virus system.

This feature is fantastic and keeps your computer secure, but you still need a dependable antivirus program to handle malware that the built-in defender can’t eliminate.

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