How to Fix D3dx9_40 DLL Missing on Windows

Manually downloading the missing DLL is often effective

d3dx9_40 dll

If you have ever experienced the D3dx9_40 DLL Missing error, you know how annoying this problem can be. This error can prevent you from working or enjoying your favorite games on your PC. Do not be alarmed about this error; it is a common issue for many Windows users worldwide.

This article will help you better understand this error and why you are having this problem. We will also give you the solutions necessary to fix this problem so you can return to your work or favorite games.

What is d3dx9_40?

The D3dx9_40 is a Dynamic Link Library file created by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. It contains instructions and codes that different software may need to function correctly. It helps develop 3D graphics and multimedia applications with the help of the DirectX 9 graphics API.

Although this DLL library is beneficial, it can quickly become corrupted or damaged. Some of the errors you might get if this file is missing include:

  • The file d3dx9_40.dll is missing
  • File d3dx9_40.dll not found
  • D3dx9_40.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this
  • The code execution cannot proceed because d3dx9_40.dll was not found
  • D3DX9_40.DLL Not Found
  • Your system appears to be missing D3DX9_40.dll

Many factors are behind these error messages. Some of the most common causes for this error are listed below.

  • Missing DLL files – If the required DLL files to run a specific program is missing, this error will be displayed.
  • Damaged or corrupted registry – A damaged or corrupted registry will cause you to have this error.
  • Virus infection – Virus or malware can affect a computer’s normal functioning, leading to numerous errors, including the file d3dx9_40.dll missing error.
  • Corrupted DLL filesCorrupted DLL files are also another factor behind this error.
  • Outdated drivers – You will frequently get this error if your drivers are outdated.
  • Outdated operating system – Running on outdated Windows will make you miss important system updates, leading to this error.

Now that we know the causes of this error message let us look at some troubleshooting techniques to overcome this problem.

What do I do if d3dx9_40 DLL is missing

Before trying the fixes in this article, quickly restart your PC and check if this simple process has resolved the problem. If this step does not work, use the solutions below.

1. Manually download D3dx9_40 DLL

  1. Navigate to DLL-FILES.COM to get your DLL file.
  2. Type D3dx9_40.DLL in the text field and click the Search DLL file button.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  3. Click on your DLL file from the result.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  4. Go through the DLL file description to better understand it, then click the Download button.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  5. After the download and installation is complete, verify to know if the problem has been fixed.

2. Update your video card drivers

  1. Hold the Windows + X keys and select the Device Manager.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  2. Click the little downward-facing arrow next to the Display adapters option to see more options, right-click on the driver you want, and click the Update driver option.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  3. Allow your device to update your drivers and check if the problem has been fixed.

3. Reinstall the application that is displaying the error

  1. Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to launch the Run dialogue, type cmd in the text field, and hit Enter.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  2. Paste or type the following command in the command prompt and hit Enter.
  3. Select the program you want to fix in the next window and click the Uninstall button.
  4. Reboot your system after the installation is complete.
  5. Verify to know if the problem has been fixed.

4. Upgrade DirectX

  1. Navigate to DirectX download page to get the latest version of DirectX.
  2. Pick your language from the drop-down box and click the Download button.
  3. Click on the dxwebsetup.exe file to open, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  4. Lastly, reboot your system to apply the changes you have made.
  5. Check to see if the problem persists.

5. Perform a system scan

  1. Hold the Windows + I keys simultaneously to open the Settings app then choose Update & Security.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  2. In the next window, click Windows Security on the left pane and choose Virus & threat protection on the right-hand side.
  3. Pick Scan options in the Virus & threat protection window.
  4. Click the radio button next to the Full scan option and click the Scan now button.
  5. Leave this process to complete scanning then verify to know if the problem has been fixed.

6. Use the SFC scan

  1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialogue, type cmd in the text field, hold  Ctrl + Shift simultaneously, and hit Enter to open the command prompt as an administrator.
    d3dx9_40 dll
  2. Paste or type the command below into your command prompt and hit Enter.
    sfc / scannow
  3. Allow this process to complete scanning.
  4. Finally, check if the problem has been fixed.

7. Update Windows

  1. Hold the Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Settings app and select Update & Security.
  2. Choose Windows Update on the left and hit the Check for updates button.
  3. Install any available updates and finally check if the problem has been fixed.

In conclusion, following the steps outlined in this article will help you troubleshoot this error and get your system up and running in no time. It will also help you avoid the d3dx9_40.dll missing gmod and d3dx9_40.dll payday 2 errors.

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