D3dx9_30 DLL Not Found: Best Solutions

For missing DLL errors, a manual download is often a very effective solution


The D3dx9_30 DLL Not Found error message is a common error that many PC gamers or those who work with graphics-intensive software complain about. It can be very frustrating, especially if you have no idea how to troubleshoot the error, as it can prevent you from enjoying your games or graphics tools.

In this article, we will provide practical solutions to overcoming this DLL error and also help you understand why this error was displayed on your device to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Why is d3dx9_30 DLL missing?

There are many factors behind this DLL missing error, and some of the most common cause for this error includes:

  • Virus or malware attack – If a virus has infected your system, you will frequently encounter this problem.
  • Missing DLL files – This is a common cause for the DLL error because if the necessary files needed for a specific program are missing, this error will be displayed.
  • Outdated drivers– You will encounter this error if the drivers in your system are outdated.
  • Outdated Windows – Running on outdated Windows can make you miss necessary updates leading to this error message.
  • Corrupted DLL files – If the DLL files are corrupted or damaged, you will face this error message.

Now that we know some common causes for the D3dx9_30 DLL Not Found error message, let us look at some troubleshooting techniques to resolve this problem.

How do I fix missing d3dx9_30 DLL error?

Before trying the fixes in this article, we recommend rebooting your system. This simple yet effective solution can help resolve minor errors and glitches in your system and can potentially resolve this error. However, if this step does not work, follow the steps below.

1. Upgrade to the latest version of DirectX

  1. Go to the DirectX download page to get the latest version of DirectX.
  2. Secondly, choose your language from the drop-down menu and click Download.
  3. Click on the dxwebsetup.exe file to open, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  4. Lastly, restart your PC to apply the changes you have made.

2. Reinstall the problematic program

  1. Hold the Windows + X keys simultaneously and choose Run from the list of options.
    d3dx9_30 dll
  2. Type or paste the command below in the command prompt and press Enter.
    d3dx9_30 dll
  3. Once you are in the Programs and Features window, select the problematic program, then click the Uninstall button.
    d3dx9_30 dll
  4. Reboot your PC after uninstalling the program.
  5. Finally, reinstall the program you just removed and check if the problem has been fixed.

3. Download the D3dx9_30 DLL manually

  1. Visit DLL-FILES.COM to get your DLL file manually.
  2. Type D3dx9_30.DLL in the text box and click the Search DLL file button.
    d3dx9_30 dll
  3. Once you see your DLL file, please select it from the result.
  4. Read the DLL file instruction to understand better what the file can do, then go down and hit the Download button.
    d3dx9_30 dll
  5. After downloading your DLL file, check if the problem has been fixed.

4. Update system drivers

  1. Press Windows + I to open your Settings app.
  2. In the Settings menu, click the Windows Update option on the left pane and select Advanced options on the right.
  3. Select the Optional updates option.
    d3dx9_30 dll
  4. If there is any update, select it and hit the Download & install button.
  5. Lastly, verify to know if the problem has been resolved.

5. Update your operating system

  1. Hold the Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Settings app and select Update & Security.
    d3dx9_30 dll
  2. Choose Windows Update on the left and hit the Check for updates button.
  3. Install any available updates and finally check if the problem has been fixed.

Follow the steps in this article to get the d3dx9_30.dll download for Resident Evil 4 and other games or applications that need it.

The steps in this article have not been arranged in any particular order, so try as many solutions as possible until you fix this error in your device.

Finally, tell us which solutions worked best for you in the comments section below.

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